SPNFamily on Twitter

We asked the question “How do you plan on converting new Supernatural viewers this summer and what tactics are you planning to use?”

Your responses varied from hilarious to extremely cool and creative:

@ZukoMobBoss: Heard that 1 of the new Twilight actresses was in Provenance (S2) & totally plugged it today @ a Twi-Con! More converts perhaps?

@gloriousTKS: We’ve got a private group on Facebook called Winchesters and Wine. We will try a new wine and watch 2 episodes each Thurs.

@ZukoMobBoss:True Story: I told my bro that he couldn’t stay w/me for a wk in June unless he watched #SPNS1 on BluRay w/me- *cue evil laugh*

@Postalpixxie: Already on it, the hubby has been watching #Supernatural season 1 ALL DAY he is up to episode 9 now. Good God he is worse than me

@Postalpixxie: and what tactic works on all husbands? πŸ˜‰

@ldyghst: Awesome music, a cool car, and adorably hot brothers…. what more do you want?

@cenarkogal02: I got my friend hooked by showing her the picture of Sam in a towel from “Hell House” lol so i guess I’ll show people that LOL

@safaiagem: For the girls I will take a picture of J&J and Misha and say “these are the main characters.”

@wshfulthinking: I’ve been trying to get my sister into it forever. i think i’ll just bring the dvds over to her house and make her watch lol.

@zmwester: Show them a pic of the boys and say, “Now, do you need another reason? No, I didn’t think so.” πŸ˜€

@samjacklover: If they dont convert they have to wk a 9hr shift on a sat on the 1st of the month at walmart!

@meissara: You watch Supernatural, you get a cookie. Everyone loves cookies!

@FudginRenegade: Whisper SPN-related stuff in their ear while they’re asleep! Mind control in action!

@stephsmith: I would say if you like Buffy and The X Files, you will love this show.

@Sariel_Angelic: Possesion is always an option. After we leave thier bodies, they’l already be addicted!

@cake_slave: (1/2) i remember last year when i went to get my misha’s minion shirt made, the guy that did it had just became a fan…

@cake_slave: (2/2) …of the show and was all excited over the shirt so did it for 1/2 price πŸ˜€

@FudginRenegade: Show them our guys shirtless. That has actually worked a couple of times!! I kid you not!

@MeredithAncret: Well…my plan revolves around that set up from A Clockwork Orange and both my parents…

@FudginRenegade: Take them to a con, and put them in same room as Misha, Jensen and Jared! They’ll be phazed outta their minds forever.

@FudginRenegade: Use ducktape, a half-comfy chair, El Sol beer, Pie and sit them in front of tv and DVD player showing SPN 24 hours a day.

@LovingLife45: Using the same tactics I have been using all along.Talking about Supernatural endlessly at work,with friends,family,strangers.

@fayLeh: My two friends started watch SPN after one party so I’d say – alcohol and music videos, lol

@FudginRenegade: Casually walking around that person in clothes with catchy Dean-isms on them.

@DeanandDamonfan: Oh so easy i will tell people i will de-friend them on twitter & facebook πŸ™‚

@FudginRenegade: By proxy. And sneaking it in there, using stealth-ninja techniques on their tv-system, so it will only show SPN!

@Weasleygirl101: My closest friends. And my main tactic will be pictures of Jared and Jensen!!! No girl can resist that!!!!

@cake_slave: pure brutal force!!! this is war remember?!

@Sariel_Angelic: Angelic mind control? I wish!

@flappinflapjack: 2 of my teachers , and almost all of my friends.. my tactic. mentioning HOW extremely hot. they look in leather <3.

@ZoeStorm2001: My hubby converted me and I converted my brother in law. Must find new subjects…hmmm. lol

@ImpalaLove_xo: Or bribe him with candy & pizza & stuff… xD

@red_margret: (cont.) have to convince their mum. XD I hope it works. at least for less scary episodes. btw. all three of them are mini-minions πŸ˜‰

@red_margret: I showed my little cousins (7,8,11) pictures of Misha and Jensen, and they said they would love to see the show. now I only (cont.)

@Winchester_OCD: Get some of my guy friends to watch. How: Tempt them with the idea of beer, and strippers lmao

@ImpalaLove_xo :My friend who’s maybe going with me to LA next yr for LACON, I’ll tie him to a chair & make him watch until he likes it! xD

@oONikkiWolf3Oo: My best friend! tie her up in a chair with the show on the tv and not let her leave the room until she watches the first season

@peytonwantspie: All of my friends at school…I’ll tie them up and continuously sing “Carry on my Wayward Son” until they crack.

@CiaraAmel: um torture of course

@The_Dagda: I’m going to try to convert my GF and im going to use blackmail, i love black mail.

@sublimetwilight: Duct tape, feather boas, super glue and a lil subliminal messaging/ hypnosis…

@gloriousTKS: Loan them season 1, tell them to watch at least 5 episodes..voila..instant addicts.

@luvnlp: If that doesn’t work I’ll invite them over and tie them up and make them watch it!!! If you watch one episode you’re hooked…lol

@luvnlp: Maybe I’ll offer a free meal and babysitting for everyone I know if they watch SPN.

@luvnlp: Well I’ve got all 4 of my kids watching SPN and now my nephew and 2 of his friends. There comming by now to pick up season 3.

@TheDriverPicks: New job starting next month. A whole new crew to convert bwaaaaahahahah!

@akfortyseven: Guerrilla warfare. random yet strong attacks, possibly from behind trees and bushes.

@DTFangrrrl: I’m using my Facebook page – posting lot’s of SPN vids, articles & pics. I already got a bunch of people watching last season!

@TheMindOfElley: Anyone & everyone I can, by loaning them the iPod classic I have which is ENTIRELY dedicated to SPN.

@Jsluv13: My Goal Is To Get My WHOLE Store Watching I Have 17 I just need 100 More, Just Show Them Clips And Talk About How Great It Is πŸ™‚

@KatiSue77: I’m considering adding “You must watch #Supernatural” as one of the rules and regulations for my employees. πŸ˜‰

@BSBnSPNFan: LOL I tell the girls the brothers are hot…tell the guys that there are guns and fights… usually that works!