Anne-Louise’s Story

Hi ya guys.

I’ve been a fan of SPN since first episode season 1.

My hubby finally talked me into joining Twitter back in March this year. I’m so glad he did because it’s helped put my smile back on my face again after the passing of my gorgeous mum last November.

She fought her cancer for about 3yrs. She passed on the 6th of November (also my dad’s birthday).

Then a week later my gorgeous dog Bella passed away with kidney failure at 14 years of age. I was devastated. She was everything to my hubby and me.

I managed to get myself on Twitter and started making wonderful SPN friends. Cheree and Louise were two of my first friends to great me and then I was invited to the SPNFamily.

I’ve also have many laughs and chats to the #LustyFanGirls: Mickey, Debbi, Carol, Amanda. They have welcomed me and made me laugh everyday.

At nights it was especially hard to find sleep in those early months of dealing with my grief. But Cheree and Louise would pop up and we’d have a private chat about everything, which would help me and I would help them too.

Watching all the cons with our amazing cast and crew has made me laugh again and smile again. My sad days are getting lesser, thanks to Supernatural and our amazing SPNFamily. And thanks to my wonderful and caring friends, I’ve made it through some rough times.

One day I’d love to make it to a SPN con and meet everyone – all the fans and our amazing cast and crew.

My hubby has seen a huge change in me – seeing me smile again has made him smile too. Back to my old self. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried, I’ve made some lovely and caring SPN friends. And I’m so grateful and thankful to everyone for helping me get thru my sad days.

I love our JJMM and all the cars and crew. We all have special bond with this fandom. Like Jared said at Dallas Con “Don’t be scared. We are all family here.” So true and thank you SPNFamily and Twitter SPN fans.