Christine Hamman’s Story

Hi there, I’m Christine, I’m from Michigan, and I started watching Supernatural regularly about 4 months ago.

My story isn’t necessarily about new friends being made through Supernatural, but it is about strengthening or reaffirming bonds with two people who are very important to my life through watching this show.

My mother and I have always had a very rocky relationship. We struggle to find common interests and we argue a lot. Rarely do we actually sit down together to do anything or go out and enjoy ourselves together because it always ends in a fight. She has always been very supportive of me, but she always seemed to be supportive of the things she felt to be important, despite the fact that my aspirations and goals were elsewhere. Needless to say, we often had little to talk about and hypothesizing about movies and books always seemed to frustrate her and annoy her, which left us both with nothing to say to one another.

A few months ago, I introduced her to the show. She sat down with me and watched episodes every chance she got. It became a ritual and soon, she would approach me during the day and say, “Wanna watch Supernatural?” I can’t ever remember her approaching me to sit down and watch a show together, knowing that it was something we both enjoyed and not just something to ward off boredom. It had always been us, enjoying our own shows or movies and occasionally bringing them up in conversation only to be met with disinterest or blank stares.

Just yesterday at dinner, she and I had a deep and rewarding conversation about the show and spirituality and what we both thought of the world. My mother has never before been interested in my view of the world and I never really understood hers. She and I are closer now, we argue less, and we understand one another so much more. I’m 21 years old now and it was always hard for me to feel like my mother looked at me like an adult since she never seemed to make much of an effort to communicate with me about who I was and what I thought. But now, because if this show, we’ve found common ground that we can use to learn about one another and open up to one another. Supernatural has taken us into conversations that go beyond just the plot of the show or religion. She’s asked about my ideas as a writer, I’ve asked about her ideas on politics and current issues, and our relationship has been slowly mended.

Another person that I have grown so much closer to because of this show is one of my closest friends. Her name is Cat and she and I live on opposite sides of the country, but we’ve spoken to one another on an almost daily basis since we first introduced ourselves to one another two years ago. This woman has helped me come back from the brink of intense depression, given me encouragement through every endeavor in my life, been one of my biggest inspirations and critics, and has really taught me what it means to be a friend. However, as we both move on in life and our jobs and educations take over our free time, we’ve been stressed out, tired, and generally a little bit “blah” with one another. When I got into Supernatural, I talked about it endlessly. And she listened with extraordinary patience for months before she finally took the time to sit down and watch the first episode with me over the internet. We ended up watching at least five episodes in a row that night.

This show has been a way for us to escape the stresses and anxieties of our lives if only for a few hours to just enjoy one another and the show. We make jokes, sometimes we have a drink or two, we share our opinions via instant message and send one another fanart or fanfiction or any pieces of news about the show that make us laugh, smile, or interest us. The channels of communication between Cat and I have never closed, but through Supernatural, they’ve been reinvigorated and energized. We’ve found something we can be passionate about together, since our lives are taking increasingly diverging paths, even as we work hard to make sure that we can help one another out, given our circumstances.

I have met a few people through the Supernatural fandom. I’m still relatively new and shy, so I haven’t made any solid friendships just yet. I’ve seen the passion and the energy that these people have though and it amazes me. I’ve seen how tightly knit these friendships can become and how much they all interact with and support one another. I have been in fandoms before and I have made a lot of long-lasting relationships through them. It’s a wonderful feeling and I practically thrive on the creative energy that being a part of a community such as this produces. And the dynamic of the Supernatural fan community is one that I haven’t found anywhere else. My hope is that, even as I strengthen the friendships I have now with this show, I can also make some new friends along the way.