Heather Greider’s Story

I have two stories actually.

I have found that one can use cosplay to help people. Cosplay catches peoples’ attention, and so you can use it as an awareness tool.

Well, on tumblr there are two people who I really care about who needed help. One was a girl named Sashi. She was very sick, and couldn’t afford a life-saving surgery. People were donating money to her (which Supernatural fans are so famous for, we really are a family) but I wanted to get the word outside of tumblr.

I got into my Castiel cosplay and my twin sister got into her Crowley cosplay. We went down to the railroad tracks and got some awesome shots together. We then put “Support Sashi” in the corners of the pictures and posted them on tumblr and deviantArt. Fans went crazy over them and more people heard about Sashi. She ended up getting $30,000 for her surgery, which was more than enough, so it helped her during her therapy too.

Then there is Amy. Amy is a sweetheart and a wonderful young woman who runs a popular Supernatural deviantArt group. I wanted to help her as well. So, I got dressed in my Dean Winchester cosplay, since Dean is her favorite. The week I heard about Amy was the week of Steel City Con. The actress Linda Blair was there, who is famous for playing the little girl in ‘The Exorcist’, but also played Detective Diana Ballard on Supernatural in Season 2, Episode 7. I got a picture with her, and she recognized me as Dean and nothing but nice things to say about Jared and Jensen. I sent a copy of the photo to Amy. I also got shots of my Dean cosplay with me holding a piece of artwork of Sam Winchester. I posted the photos and I sent her the Sam art.

Cosplay can be used to help people, and I say if I am cosplaying Dean or Castiel, I not only like to help people, but I have to help people because I think it speaks to the characters.

 Amazing stories, Heather!!!!! ~Lindsay