Jenn Halso’s Friendship Story

Jenn Halso

I was a late starter, I started watching Supernatural end of season 1 / beginning of Season 2. I was so taken with Season 1, I quickly became pretty obsessed and hungry for discussion. I started reading and participating on the now defunct CW message boards.

I met many, many wonderful fans through that message board, including Lindsay & Heather who run this site as well Nancy and Karen who were my tour guides for my very first Supernatural convention…in ENGLAND. I had the time of my life that wouldn’t have been the same without Karen and Nancy.

To this day I communicate regularly with all 4 and consider them not just Supernatural friends, but great friends. I have wonderful memories with these wonderful women…My first tattoo…my first embarrassing “fangirl” moment with Jensen…and even helping me through the loss of my Mother.

Thank you all very, very much!!

~Jenn Halso..aka jennagayle