Jillyanne Marshall’s Story


One of the (many) things I love about Supernatural is the great friends I’ve made, friends I would otherwise never have known. I’ve been a fan for a while, but very much on my own…my husband and one of my sons both like Supernatural, but I wouldn’t describe them as ‘fans.’ I started visiting fan sites to learn more about the show, and became interested in the discussions on various forums…but what really got to me was the vicious pettiness of some posts…I really wanted to comment but didn’t dare for fear of being ridiculed or abused. One day I happened across a link http://www.spoilertv.com – they were holding a poll for the Best TV Show, and Supernatural was one of the contenders. I gathered my courage and not only voted, I also commented on the poll. While some comments were, shall we say, contentious, most were merely people expressing their opinion and accepting those of others. The site is well moderated so abuse is kept to a minimum.

I love it there…I feel safe to state my opinion, and I came across people with a similar love of Supernatural. Even so, occasionally I felt the need to vent about things that others had said, so I took the plunge and turned to Facebook…something I never thought I’d do (I’m in an age bracket that still remembers when the internet was only a prediction). A few of my ‘SpoilerTV buddies’ also had FB pages, so we created a ‘by invitation only’ closed group where members can go to chat, post SPN related info, and generally escape the naysayers and whiners. It’s a small group with currently only 9 members, and in a short space of time we’ve come to a point where we are as much about each other as we are about Supernatural.

The members of our group range in age from late teens to age 50. We live in: Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Iran, Rumania and the US. None of us would have ‘met’ if not for Supernatural. Some of us are ‘Samgirls’, some are ‘Deangirls’ and some, like me, are Supernatural girls (although I haven’t been a ‘girl’ as such, for many years).

We have few rules – the main ones being that we respect each other’s opinion, that we can be ‘fangirls’ (i.e. drool and go all gooey) if we want, and most of all, that we have FUN. And it works. So, for me, Supernatural is not just some TV show. I love it. I love the humor, and the horror and the drama. There’s no romantic triangles, or bad language, or excessive nudity. The characters are interesting, and they have evolved over the years, rather than remaining static. The writers are willing to take risks, and to go where other shows would never dare to go. But more than that, now I have this fantastic group of friends who, even though we don’t meet face to face, have formed a lasting bond through one amazing little TV show that most people have never heard of.

The following are stories from the other members of the closed group I belong to on Facebook.


A Supernatural Phenomenon

The world is a big place. There’s really no other way to describe it. Tragedy and catastrophe that happen in other countries are…well…tragic…but they don’t really reach me in my safe little corner of it. Even things that happen in my own country, vast as it is, rarely directly effect me or my daily life. Then you come upon something so innocuous that shouldn’t really mean much, but has such far reaching influence and it truly is amazing. I’m not talking about politics or world events or natural disasters… I’m talking about a little television show, on a tiny little network in the U.S. that has the ability to bring people from around the globe together. Yes, a television show. One about ghosts and demons and angels, no less. One about cars, classic rock music, the importance of family and the need to make the world a better place.

I think everyone who watches Supernatural gets something different out of it. For me, It’s an escape and a refuge. I don’t have a miserable life or anything – far from it. Most people I know tell me I’m charmed. I have a wonderful husband, a loving, fantastic daughter, a beautiful home and plenty of friends. But I tend to get lost in the saga of the Winchesters, which I kept to myself for a long time. I mean, it’s kind of embarrassing for a 40-something woman to be so enamored of two 20-something characters in a TV show, right? My husband tolerates it, my daughter just smiles and plays along. But then something remarkable happened; I found out that I’m not alone!

After browsing various websites concerning the show to find out more and read other points of views and opinions, I started to notice a few whose comments seemed to really fit in with mine. It was fantastic! The more I spoke with them on-line, the more I realized that we weren’t so different. Then I was invited to become part of a small group of Supernatural fans and gladly accepted – I even signed up for Facebook, which I swore would never happen. Since then, I can always count on our small group to give me a smile with posts, pictures, opinions, and simple comments concerning our lives, our work and the one thing that brought us together, our fandom! We’re scattered around the world with different languages, different cultures and different lives, but we all have this one obsession that binds us together. In this place I can let my inner fangirl soar! I can drool, I can rant, I can talk about a world that only exists on a TV screen in reality, but is almost real in our minds. It’s been an enlightening experience, and even though they are half a world away, I truly do care about them. So I thank the powers that be who brought us Supernatural. It may just be a little television show, but to a lot of people around this big world, it managed to be a whole lot more.


Well Supernatural has brought me a lot of friends and may have alienated some, because I mostly talk about Supernatural related topics. Yes, I can have other types of conversation, I just chose not to. So for those of my friends that don’t understand, I feel sorry for you, but here I’ve found this wonderful group of gals who do understand me and support me and each other because in this group we have created there is no distance barrier, no age difference, no disputes over which brother is right or wrong, hotter or stronger, we just get along…well most of the time. If this was a loony bin, which it sometimes can be, I would gladly check myself in it with a case of Yellow Fever and if being able to talk non stop Supernatural and submerge myself in the Winchester universe so deep that I would appear to be living in this fictional story would not be credible enough, I would pull down my pants and yell Pudiiiing! ok…I may have gone completely off track, but it’s a consequence you have to live with once you start watching Supernatural.


I first came across Supernatural when I was 12, which was about a year and a half ago. I watched the first 4 seasons within 2 weeks and started on season 5, which was in its 15th episode by that time. From there, I stayed tuned week after week downloading it off the internet after the episode aired in the US. I admit, I fell in love with that show.

It was during that summer hellatus that I started looking for season 6 spoilers and eventually I came across SpoilerTV. Its an awesome website that gives spoilers on just about every show I know of. But thats not what attracted me the most to that website, what made me want to be a part of that community was that most of the people in that website are so friendly and don’t hate each other even if the people there love different shows. Eventually, I met some people that I became close to and we created a facebook group. Just for us – the Supernatural fans.

We drool over pictures, go ‘awwwwwwwww’ as many times we want, rant, express our opinion, discuss theories and do just about anything we want. We have something really great here as people here, no matter of what age or where we are from, can share our love of Supernatural without being picked on or beaten down. All the group members are so kind and considerate and its magical to be part of something like this.

Supernatural was the first TV show that I became obsessed with and its still the one that I’m obsessed with the most. Supernatural might not be the most popular show on television and certainly not the best in some people’s eyes but to me, it is the best. To me, Supernatural has always been more than just a tv show. It has brought me some great friends that I am eternally grateful for. I don’t participate as much as I would like to as real life gets in the way but when I do, I think its amazing that something like this exists.

Supernatural has also been my comfort zone whenever I have had problems in real life… like when me and my boyfriend broke up, I spent the whole day re-watching season 5 of Supernatural and it made me feel so much better. Supernatural is my first love and my strongest. I know I have said this before but I will say it again, I love Supernatural and I always will and now, I know that it does not only apply to me but to so many other people as well love.


Supernatural is more than just a show to me…now it’s more like my very own world that…there are two heroes in it and they never scare of anything except losing each other so i learned not to be afraid all the time…and now i have some good friends that they understand how i feel as a Supernatural fangirl…I talk to them and i love their jokes…and i love everything in this group cause it’s a really awesome group!!!!!!!!! So I LLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEE Supernatural.


When I started with season 3 – out of boredom – I never ever thought I am gonna end up hooked, have my own FB page and new friends over the years. No other show (and I´ve seen quite a lot) had that affect on me.


First time I saw the promo about this show, I told my self, I have to watch this show.I waited for months and when I watched I really loved the show. The stories are different from any show I have ever seen…In this show I got all I want – horror story, mystery, action, drama and comedy, but the best part is how they make the relationship between the brothers, so much different from every western brotherhood I ever seen.

Honestly I feel like seen Asian brotherhood in western show…., and I love that 🙂 Supernatural is the only one show I love so far and maybe forever…When I missed the one episode (“born under a bad sign”) I cried and was in a bad mood for a week. This show make me addicted so much…I watched every season more than 10x and I think I lost count after that. I browse many sites and youtube just to find spoiler or fans vid about this brothers….

And the best happen to me because this show…I found great friends from all around the world, who share info with me, talk with me when I am desperate while waiting for SPN for 7 weeks, even send me a TV guide magazine…The first time anyone did that for me…

I love u all dark side drooling fan girls.Thanks for became my friends.