Kady’s Story

For a while, I ran a Yahoogroup for fans of SPN, and was a member of a couple other groups. I met some great people through them, but the one I wanted to mention here is my friend Kim. She and I started writing fic together (we continue to do so) but the best thing is that we were finally able to meet in person last August, and attended the SPN con in Boston together.

Kim and I have so much in common (she’s like my evil twin!) but even our differences are awesome. I love her to death, and my life is so much better for having her in it.

You made her your fan of the month last fall (Sept. or Oct.) because of the YouTube video of her that went viral around the fandom (the infamous Cock Sock story with Jared.) Can you see now why I adore her so much? Hey, even Jared would give her a thumbs up! *giggle*