Michelle Mingo’s Friendship Story

As we all know the world we know as SUPERNATURAL, is great place to ”Live”.

Last month my cousin Chad Guyer died unexpectedly at age 27. Chad was the most caring man I have ever met, and was a wonderful dad, brother, son, husband, friend and cousin! Chad left behind his wife Heather, and their four sons, Carter-4, Wyatt & Ty-2 and baby Liam -11 months. All are miniature Chads.

We are planning a benefit for Heather and the boys, and I immediately thought of the Supernatural crew & cast, Creation Entertainment, the CW and Chad Lindberg in particular. I asked each of them if they could help us by donating any signed items they saw fit for our silent auction to help raise money for Heather and her sons.


Although I wasn’t really all that shocked, I WAS so touched that I broke down in tears. To know that the feeling we all have of being a “family”, has carried over and was there when we needed them…well to be honest…touched me soo deeply that I feel as though I am part of something bigger then any of us will ever know.

I have Chad Lindberg as friend on Facebook, and he personally e-mailed me and said that he would be glad to do his small part to help, and he would send out some signed items this week.

Creation Entertainment said they would send a “Care Package,” as did the CW, to do with as we wish.

I wanted to share this with all the fandom, and let you know that it is REAL, people. It isn’t just a feeling we get because we all love the show, and the cast and crew. There really is something SPECIAL about our “Family” and those that are in charge of it. And they DO CARE about us out here in the REAL world.

So the next time you are watching the greatest show ever, or chatting to your Supernatural friends online or on Facebook, know that you are witnessing real life CARING ANGELS. Though they may not look like Castiel, they are just as caring.

~Michelle Mingo

P.S. 1000 thanks again to Chad, Adam at Creation Entertainment, and the CW. And people, PLEASE DO NOT bombard them with requests like mine. I reached out for help, and they were nice to say yes, but we don’t want to take advantage of them.