Sarah Hall’s Story

From a friend of Support Supernatural’s Lindsay…

“It’s amazing how the universe works sometimes. In 2001, I became pen pals with a lady in Ireland, via her ad in a magazine about the paranormal. We became really good friends, sending each other gifts and writing umpteen pages at a time in our letters. Letters turned into emails as we both got online, then Facebook was launched and we connected there, but started chatting less often as our lives became busier, although we always stayed in touch.

Fast forward to 2011 and I start watching Supernatural, on Lindsay’s recommendation. My love affair with the show started, and I began going to conventions.

Last Friday I saw a post from my pen pal to the tune of “all set for the convention.” She works in reiki, energy, that sort of thing, and attends a lot of “Mind / body / spirit” conventions, so I liked her post and carried on with my day. Saturday she posts a picture of Mark Sheppard…she was at flipping Asylum!

Yesterday I tapped someone on the shoulder to ask if I was in the right queue, and there she was! Fifteen years down the line, my pen pal Caroline, in the flesh! (And yes, we squealed like a pair of school girls, and gossiped for the next half an hour without coming up for air!)

I’ve also spent the weekend with a lovely lady who lives eight miles from me, and we were at the same college together at the same time, although on different courses so never met back then, although it’s more than likely we’ve sat at the same table in the Whiteley Building (home to the student bar/canteen) at some point in the early 1990’s. We’ve already made arrangements to be con buddies at Asylum 17 in October.

How awesome is that?! I want to give Lindsay due credit for her part in this, because I’d watched the pilot episode and thought, “Meh, not for me”, so I could have missed out on so much if I hadn’t started watching the show again. So, thank you Lindsay!

(And thank you Chuck, too! 😉)