Sara’s Story

Hey Guys,

I’m Sara and I’m from Germany. And, well the story I have to tell is really nice.

So I have this friend called Lena. We were very good friends. But than my family moved. We lost touch. She was my best friend, so I was really sad. That was when I was 8.

Last year I started to watch Supernatural and then this year I was going to some forums and stuff like that online. I wrote some information about me in the info. Then I got a message. It was a girl. And we chat sometimes. After a while she asked me if my name Sara. I said yes and then she asked me if I know a girl named Lena. And I said yes again. HAHA

That was a girl from my old school class and she said that her and Lena are Supernatural freaks. And now after 6 years, we are phoning and meeting each other.

I’m so happy.

And it’s a true story.

Thanks for listening. 🙂