Dakota Lawrence Interview with Support Supernatural


Heather and Lindsay from SupportSupernatural.com had the pleasure of first meeting Dakota Lawrence at Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural convention in Chicago in November 2008.

Dakota is a clairvoyant medium and paranormal investigator. He is also the booking agent for Supernatural’s Traci Dinwiddie, Fredric Lehne, Chad Lindberg, Charles Malik Whitfield, Samantha Smith and Richard Speight, Jr.

Dakota agreed to let Support Supernatural and a few fellow fans interview him. He is producing a documentary on real-life supernatural occurrences at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Please take some time to read this in its entirety. Dakota is a very interesting and entertaining person!

How and when did you get involved in the paranormal?

I was actually raised in a psychic household. My gifts go back 5 generations so I have been around it my entire life. When I hit the age of 12, I started giving readings and attending investigations of the paranormal with my family. I was very fortunate to have a family that helped me nurture and accept the gifts that have been bestowed upon me.

Do you find most people to be skeptics or do you find that folks want to believe?

Since my involvement in the mainstream field of the paranormal and also psychic readings I’ve noticed a lot more clients come to me who are having their “first reading”. I think we are all awakening to that open awareness that there is a life after death. When it comes to skeptics believe it or not, I am actually a pretty hardcore skeptic (kind of ironic, huh?).

I believe there is an open-minded skeptic, which is someone like myself. I have to have evidence both scientifically and intuitively that there is something going on in a home. I actually admire people who have a bit of open-minded skepticism simply due to the fact it shows that they are intelligent and not going to be gullible that every bump or unexplained noise means you’ve got a spirit around you. When it comes to closed- minded skeptics who don’t believe at all, I usually find that it’s because they have a true fear of it. They cannot explain it so they fear it if that is not the case and they just don’t want to believe in anything outside of their little zone I feel truly sorry for those people as they are missing such a great opportunity to learn so very much.

Some say children and animals are better tuned in to “the other side.” In your experience, do you agree or disagree?

Animals have a natural sixth sense. We have a natural sixth sense because guess what…we’re animals! I feel like the children that do display the gifts of clairvoyance (the ability to “know”) and mediumship (the gift of communication between the realm of the living and the deceased) happen often but because we’re in such a rushed society and such a “fit the normal” way of life that kids eventually close off this gift off. Now do I believe that they are better tuned in? That is hard to say, as I don’t think we all ride a bike like Lance Armstrong but we can ride a bike. I feel SOME children do have a natural raw ability and that is actually what my first book will be about. (No details as to when it will be released as it is in its very early stages.) But at the same token it takes years of practice and learning your own methods to better your communication in the Spirit realm.

What were your childhood fears?

I didn’t have any fears when it came to the paranormal/psychic realm. Like I had said earlier I didn’t know this was “not the norm” until later in life. My fears as a child were what they are today…spiders and clowns. Always have been and probably always will be.

In addition to Supernatural on the CW, do you watch any other shows involving the paranormal?

I actually didn’t get involved with Supernatural until after I started representing Chad Lindberg (“Ash”). Once I watched the show I was truly taken aback because the writers of the show do such an amazing job of using real folklore, legend, and religious/historical information to put into their show. Now granted I’ve never used a salt gun during an investigation, so there is a touch of Hollywood.

As far as other paranormal shows, a lot annoy me because they make it seem like you’re going to walk into a house and bam have activity happen, so people get a misconception of how it is. I’ve been to homes where I’ve been there for four five hours before we even have the slightest activity. If there was one show I do try to make an effort to watch, it would be Zak Bagans’ show, “Ghost Adventurers” on the Travel Channel. He’s stayed true to his guns on his show and I’ve enjoyed the shows I’ve been able to watch.

If you could write/direct a ‘monster of the week’ episode of “Supernatural,” what monster/demon would you choose and why?

I can’t star in it? Sorry I’m directing my first film and I have to say that when I direct/produce future projects I’m going to have to star. LOL. If I could choose a ‘monster of the week,’ I would have to probably choose to bring in big foot simply to see how I could direct Jensen and Jared on fighting some evil killing people ape. I think it could be a bad idea in casting though because I’m not sure we could find someone taller then Jared to play big foot.

Out of all the stars of Supernatural that you have had the pleasure of meeting, who is the most fun to hang out with and why?

The fans. Plain and simple. They are the ones that keep this show going and have kept my actors busy and also followed my career as well and have shown us nothing but love and support. They are the true stars of the show in my eyes. All of the stars of the show I have met are amazing and some have become close friends but the fans are by far the coolest to hang out with just to see how devoted they are to the series.

If you had your own theme song, what would it be?

“Back in Black” by AC/DC.

How did you come to get involved in your upcoming documentary?

I’ve had this idea for over three years now. I finally got the nerve to go after it one day when I was in meditation. I wanted to do something different – something that would be in your face and real. We’re taking a whole new avenue of investigating and presenting it in a way you can understand and also open your mind. My main goal of this documentary is just to make people think – think outside of the box and I want them to say after they’ve watched it, “WOW…that was scary but also eye opening.”

Can you give us a synopsis of the film?

We’ve signed confidentiality agreements so I have to be a bit vague, but I can tell you this. The people involved in this film will present both scientific and spiritual evidence. Merging the realms together both proving paranormal activity with science and also with intuition. It’s gonna be controversial.

Jane in Colorado: What is the scariest supernatural experience you have ever had? How has involvement in the paranormal enriched or changed your life?

We all have a scary moment. I would say the scariest was when I was investigating a case where a malevolent spirit was present. We were trying to help it understand it was time for it to cross over and it didn’t appreciate my little spiel and I was picked up and thrown up against a wall. That was probably one of the most un-nerving experiences.

I’ve been touched before and a little spirit child chased me up the stairs once. (This happened where we are filming the documentary.) There have been a lot but the “scariest” one had to be when I was picked up and I thought I just got slammed and fell to the floor but the girl that was standing next to me saw me get picked up…I thought it was awesome she was freaked out.

Lynne in Ontario had a few questions for Dakota:

There is a lot of supposed photographic evidence of ghosts.  What percentage of these photographs do you think is genuine?  Quite a few people I know have orbs show up in almost every photo they take.  Are orbs truly a sign that spirit energy is present?

Sadly if I had a nickel for every orb photo I’ve been given I could’ve already retired and living a very comfortable life. I would say 99.9% of orb photos are one of three things: dust, water vapor or reflection. Most commonly it is a spot of dust – either airborne or on the lens itself.

When we have an orb photo in a case we usually throw it out. However some orbs you can see are not dust or water (as dust/water are see-through), but rather a white glowing-like energy and those we say are a collective ball of energy. Because of the skepticism put on orb photography in this field we usually automatically throw out any and all orb photos because of the three most common explanations for an orb photograph.

Outside of orbs there are apparition photos, ectoplasm (a thick smokey haze) and a few other styles of photographs that I feel can assist in proving paranormal activity along with your EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings (EMF fields detect a change in the energy pattern and it is believe spirits send of this energy), and also we take into account whatever psychic feelings I or another team member experience. It’s a multi-person effort to prove a haunting. So I do believe there are a LOT of genuine photos but there needs to be more then just a photo to truly prove a paranormal haunting. There are photos that even the Smithsonian have backed up as being genuine photos of something “unexplained”. Sorry for the winded answer but it just goes so much deeper then just a photograph to prove a haunting.

-I have had a few of what I believe to be prophetic dreams.  Once I dreamed that the husband of a friend of mine (who had recently passed away) was standing at the end of a dock, feeding some ducks that were swimming around the dock.  I wrote my friend a letter, telling her about this dream. The day my friend received the letter, she called me, in tears. She said she had also had a dream in which her husband had called her on the phone. She had asked, ‘Where are you?’ and her husband had replied that he was down on the dock, feeding the ducks. In addition, I have had experiences where myself and another person have had the same dream about someone else. What is your opinion of such experiences? Is it some kind of telepathy? Is it evidence that those who have passed on are aware on some other plane of existence and are sending us messages?

I do believe the dreams you are having are messages from those who have crossed over. When you are sleeping, you are in your sub-conscious mind state, which is where an intuitive (psychic) gets their information.

I do believe that our loved ones who have crossed over send us messages. It’s all about out awareness to receiving those messages from them. I believe you are in tune with yourself enough to get these messages. Don’t let it scare you or bother you. You’re just on the right track to connecting to your higher awareness. When it comes to your dreams that a friend and you share, look into astral projection, which is where you can connect to others through the sub-conscious mind state both through sleep and meditation.

-Psychics who claim to be able to receive messages from those who have passed on; how many of these people do you think have a genuine psychic ability?

I will never ever say another psychic is a fraud. I believe there are psychics. I also believe there are sensitives who claim to be psychic. However, I also believe that there are frauds out there.

I always say when you sit down with a reader listen to what they are saying. Don’t give a background story don’t give out too much information. Let them connect to their ability.

Listen to your gut if it feels like its way too general then they’re probably performing what is called a cold read (generalities that can fit in anyone’s life) and also look for a psychic that you feel a drawn to and that you feel you can connect with. I have been reading for ten years now and over six years professionally. I have worked hard to get to the level I am at in the community and have earned my respect from my colleagues. Going to a psychic is like going to a doctor. Do your research and sometimes get a second opinion.

-Quantum physics seems to lately be proving the existence of spirits and other kinds of psychic and even religious experiences.  What are your thoughts about this interesting marriage between faith and science, two disciplines that have been pretty much polar opposites down through the years?

You will continue to see this happening. I am SO thankful that we are seeing science become more and more aware of what is around us on the Spiritual realm. We are on the dawn of an awakening. 12/12/12 is when the Mayan Calendar ends and some believe is the end of the world; however what I and most of my colleagues believe (there are many books already on this subject) is that is the end of where we as humanity are at now and is the awakening of a new consciousness.

You will see science prove more on the field of Paranormal/Psychic and Holistic healing and also continue to see the gap between the two worlds be proven more and more. Just in my short span in this field I have noticed more evidence coming forward proving what I as a psychic and paranormal investigator is real versus it being not is completely exciting and it’s good to move away from the “they’re quacks” mind set.

Elsi in Venzuela: Are you planning to submit your documentary in film festivals after it is completed? If so, which film festival(s)? Do you think the people in charge of evaluating your film will accept / like the real-life supernatural theme?

I will take this film where I am lead to take this film. I’ve already had interest from two television networks. I do feel like this film will be accepted among film festivals and also network television because look at how much is already out there. I feel this kind style of work can no longer be swept under the rug and ignored because there has been such groundbreaking series in the Psychic/Paranormal field with real-life TV shows like Ghost Adventurers, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Haunting Evidence, etc.

I know when Ghost Adventurers (which is the one show I enjoy) promoted their first film at numerous film festivals (and also won awards), it was picked up by Sci-Fi Channel and then Travel Channel. So I have no doubt in my mind that I can do this. Nothing can hold me back from my dreams.

Lindsay in Michigan: Dakota, I had a scary experience right after my dad passed away. One morning I was asleep and I heard my bedroom door open. I assumed it was my husband who forgot something before he left for work. Since I assumed it was him, I did not move or even open my eyes. Then I felt the sensation of paws walking over my chest. Do you think this could have simply been a very vivid dream or do you think my dad (and my childhood dog) paid me a little visit? It seemed very real to me.

I do believe that this would be a way of your father and dog coming to pay you a little visit. I often hear stories like this when people experience their lost loved one come in to visit and even their animal stop by to visit. It’s just their way to put you at ease that they are still watching over you and they are still there.

Personally I would look at this as a beautiful confirmation that you were blessed to have rather then having it be a scary experience. When my mother lost her dog when she was pregnant with me she actually heard the dogs nails clicking on the hardwood floor and the sensation of her licking her hand. She still believes to this day it was Prudence’s way of saying goodbye.

Thank you so much for interviewing me! I do look forward to meeting all of you in the future!

Until next time. =)

-Dakota Lawrence

Dakota, thank you so much for your time! For more information on Dakota Lawrence, visit http://www.dakotalawrence.com/. Also, check out our interview with him on YouTube.