Dylan Kingwell Interview with Support Supernatural

Dylan Kingwell

At just 11 years old, Dylan Kingwell is already off to a great start with his budding acting career. He is best known for his series regular role as Victor in the A&E TV Series, The Returned. But of course we Supernatural fans know him as Young Sam! In addition to acting, Dylan enjoys playing sports and is extremely passionate about ice hockey.

Tell us a little bit about how you began your acting career at the young age of 5.  

I actually booked my first commercial when I was 4. It was a Candyland Castle job for Hasbro. My mom and I would go to Starbucks in the morning after we dropped my older sister at school. I would chat up all the customers so I guess I was pretty outgoing and mom thought I should try acting. She introduced me to Lissa Lloyd of Lloyd Talent and Lissa signed me!

How do you balance school, hockey, friends and acting? 

I am pretty good at catching up when I miss school. I have also been very fortunate to have supportive teachers. Usually acting is busy in Spring / Summer & hockey in Fall / Winter. It’s difficult to balance, but we do our best. I also get lots of time with my friends when I’m at hockey and always make new friends on set.

What are your favorite and least favorite school subjects? 

My favourite school subject is PE and the nerd in me likes Math too. My least favourite subject is Social Studies because I find it boring.

In addition to hockey and acting, what other things do you enjoy?

I am a bit of a gamer and like to read as well. I love being outside and riding my bike too.

In just 5 short years, you have had many acting roles. Which role was the most meaningful and why?

It’s tough to say which role I have played is the most meaningful. My small part in Big Eyes earned me a hand shake from Tim Burton and a hug from Amy Adams. That was pretty cool. Playing Victor on AETV’s The Returned was challenging and pushed my skills a ton. I had to express so many emotions without talking. I had lead roles in two Christmas movies this past year with director Terry Ingram. He was a blast and I learned so much. And then Young Sam on Supernatural. What a great time with Nate Torrence! He was the perfect Sully – perfect imaginary friend! I really can’t chose just one role…they have all been great for different reasons.

I see you’ve acted in many commercials as well. Which one was the most fun and why?

Yes. I have worked for Mattel several times and always see the same kids on set as well as a great production company & crew. It’s kind of like a family when I work with them.

Talk to us about your experience on Supernatural. Did you find the actors and crew as welcoming as most actors say they do?

Oh yes for sure. And Richard Speight Jr. is a fantastic director. He’s to the point but also makes jokes and has fun. For me, that’s the perfect combination to have as a director.

In your episode of Supernatural, you played Young Sam. You did a fantastic job playing the role of a very loved character. In this episode we learned Sam had an imaginary friend, the awesome Sully. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?

Thank you. Working with Nate made it easy to get into the scenes. I actually don’t think I ever did have an imaginary friend. I know that I talked to everyone who would listen and ask millions of questions so I guess I didn’t need one.

What is your dream acting role?

If they ever made a movie based on the Jack Stalwart books then I would like to be secret agent Jack Stalwart. I would also like to work along side Daniel Radcliffe, Matt Damon and Tom Cruise…at some point in the future.

What projects do you have coming up in 2016?

I play Peyton Reddings in an upcoming TV Pilot called The Wilding and we will see what else comes my way!

To find out more about Dylan, visit his IMDB page and his official website. He can be found on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Interview arranged by NoodleHead Productions PR.