Jason Manns Interview with Support Supernatural


Jason Manns is a name known to many Supernatural fans. The Virginia native has had his songs featured on Supernatural, most recently in the season opener “Lazarus Rising.” Jason is also a regular at Supernatural conventions. The multi-talented singer/songwriter has been in a number of movies as well.

Jason recently took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us at supportsupernatural.com. Jason talks about his inspirations, his fans, his upcoming projects, and a certain friend of his we all know. 

Jason, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us! Can we start with a little bit about your background? Could you tell us a bit about where you grew up?

I grew up on Northview Farm in Bowling Green, VA. The absolute middle of nowhere, you couldn’t see another house from my house, and I loved it. Still do. That is pretty much the definition of home to me. I’d love to end up there, or at least a place like it when it’s all said and done.

“Crazy Love” is one of your most popular songs.  What about the song drew you to want to cover it?

“Crazy Love” is a song that has just seemed to follow me through the years. Van Morrison was, I think, the first CD I ever bought, and that was one of the first songs I ever learned to play. I played it in a contest when I first moved to LA, and through that contest I met Jensen and most of my other friends in town. The story goes on from there, but I think everyone knows it!

Do you ever get used to your fans knowing all of the lyrics to your songs and singing along with you when you play live?

“Get used to” often implies “take for granted”, so in that sense no. It is an amazing feeling to look out and see people singing along. To know I’ve made that connection with songs I’ve written is, and will always be, an amazing feeling. I’m very thankful to the fans for that.

Who/what do you draw inspiration from for your music?

Life! That’s the short answer, but it’s the truth. Life, love, and heartache are always the big winners, but there is sometimes the occasional song that pops up when you are just driving home on the 101.

Can you tell us some fun secrets or stories about your buddy Jensen?

Now, how good of a buddy would I be if I did that? … We did get a little stupid one afternoon and decide to find out once and for all what it felt like to get shot with a BB gun. We immediately regretted that decision.

Did you have a chance to watch the season opener of “Supernatural” called “Lazarus Rising?” What was your reaction to the scene in the Impala when your song was playing on Sam’s Ipod, and Dean’s reaction to it?

I loved it! A lot of times a song usage goes completely under the radar. Background noise that barely gets noticed. How great to be the focal point of the scene! I thought the joke was really funny, and I was very thankful for the opportunity!

What kind of music is on YOUR iPod?

IPOD… Well Sam Cook is a constant, I recently downloaded Prince’s greatest hits, so that’s getting a lot of play. Other standards are Gavin Degraw, Ray Lamontagne, Marc Broussard, and Martin Sexton.

Who is your dream musician/singer that you would love to play live with? What about your dream musician to record with?

Sam Cook for the performance, as for the recording…Probably someone who’s an awesome writer and producer as well as a singer that could really put me in a new frame of mind…Maybe someone like Sting, or Prince, or Clapton…

What is your favorite part about living in LA and your least favorite part?

Favorite part of LA is just the opportunities. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so to be able to go to museums, shows, the beach, and not have to drive two hours. (As long as there’s no traffic!) Least favorite – traffic.

So how did you get in to acting? Was that something that you thought might happen when you moved to LA?

That was really why I moved out to LA! Well both acting and music really, but if was just going to do music I probably would have gone to Nashville, or NYC, but I’ve always loved the movies and always wanted to be a part of them, so LA it was!

When can we expect another wonderful album from you?

Hmmm… Another album? Next year. Another wonderful one… Who knows? 😉

Tell us about any acting projects you are working on.

I just finished working on a movie called “Rock Slyde”. It should be coming out next year, so look it up on IMDB.com and check back for more info!

Besides writing music and acting, is there spare time for other interests that you have?

I actually produced “Rock Slyde”, and enjoyed that aspect of filming, so I’d like to do that some more! I’m also writing a script, so we’ll see what happens.

To see your fan base steadily increase over the last couple of years to what it is now must be so gratifying for you. Can you share your most memorable fan story?

Well, to play in a different country and to have people singing my words is a pretty amazing feeling. The emails and letters I get are more gratifying than I could possibly articulate. It is truly a blessing to be able to do what I love and have people respond.

Thank you, Jason!!! For more on Jason Manns, please visit his website at www.jasonmanns.com.