Peter Ciuffa Interview with Support Supernatural


It’s a small, small world. Would you believe it if I told you that I landed this interview because Peter Ciuffa and I share a friend? Well you should, because it’s true! I have a very sweet friend named Maayan (thanks in part to Facebook and to a band we both like).

As with most of my friends I’ve met online, she knew pretty quickly how passionate I am about Supernatural. One day, Maayan saw her friend Peter’s status update. It stood out to hear because it mentioned his upcoming role on Supernatural. She immediately told me he was going to be on and helped me get in contact with him!

So in addition to thanking Peter for taking time out for our little website, I’d like to thank Maayan Schneider for being so on top of her Facebook news!

Without further ado, here is a little about Peter Ciuffa, who had a guest role on Supernatural as HP Lovecraft in “Let It Bleed,” part one of the two-part Season Six finale of Supernatural.

Peter Ciuffa: Before we start, I want to say thanks to Maayan as well! By the way, she is an amazing actress who I’ve had the privilege to work with as well!

Lindsay Warren: Let’s start with a little of your background. Where did you grow up? As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Peter Ciuffa: I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Canada to two amazing Italian immigrant parents. In fact when people have asked what my first experience of theatre was I say it was when I was seated around the big family dinners at our house. Those dinners with my sister, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends telling stories, laughing and arguing is still the best theatre I have ever seen! When I was a kid I wanted to be everything, but the two things that stood out was an athlete and a politician. I played football through college but I never touched politics, though I love to argue about it.

LW: Besides acting, what other talents do you possess? (Hidden talents?)

PC: I love to cook. I spend a lot of my free time shopping for and cooking food. My handmade pasta in a variety of sauces is my specialty!

LW: You’re making me hungry now! Do you want to ship some of this past and sauce to the Midwest? Just teasing. OK, next, out of all the roles you’ve played in your professional career, which one did you enjoy the most, and why?

PC: Well I’m not sure I have a single favorite role. They all have something about them I love. Talking about TV there are two favorites: for sure HP from Supernatural because I got to play a real person. It meant researching him and getting to do a period piece; the other was my first TV gig, which was Sergei Vagnief on PSYCH. This is a favorite, one, because it was a comedy, two, it was my first guest-starring role, and three, because I got to do a chase scene, then I was interrogated!

LW: Your experience on PSYCH sounds like it was perfect! Now, can you tell us a bit about your experience on the set of Supernatural?

PC: Working on Supernatural was so much fun. The crew is amazing as they have worked together for so long and made me feel right at home. John Showalter directed the episode and he just let me do my thing and would come in and tweak my performance to get what he needed. That part where they blew out the window was a real stunt and I can tell you I didn’t have to act the fear. It was an eleven-hour day to film what you saw, but the finished product looked great! I got to meet two other great actors from the show as well as Lanette Ware and Mark Sheppard.

LW: What, if anything, did you know about the show prior to auditioning for this part?

PC: I had seen the show in the past and I knew the it was well written, fun and that Jared, Jensen and the show have amazing fans, many of which are my friends. The only regret I have from the experience is not getting the chance to act with Jared and Jensen.

LW: What is the hardest part of being an actor? The most rewarding?

PC: The hardest part of acting is auditioning for great roles that I don’t end up getting to play. As an actor, I always want to be working! The most rewarding is when I do a play or TV show and someone who has seen my performance says that I made them feel something. It could be dislike, love, joy, hatred, fear, laughter whatever, but when I have made another human being feel something while telling them the story, I’ve done my job. Not to mention it really is fun!

LW: You’ve guest starred on some great shows in addition to Supernatural (Fringe, Harper’s Island, to name a few…) Which genre do you prefer to work on the most: horror, action, comedy or drama?

PC: Out of those four, it would have to be comedy. I love comedy! In fact, it is my dream to do comedic films. It is why I do improv because it allows me to stretch my comedic and acting muscles in front of a live audience, though great improv is not just about being funny…

LW: Who is the most memorable actor you’ve worked with and why did he/she stand out to you?

PC: Joel Gretsch on V is the most memorable. He gave me so much professional acting advice in one day on set with him that it felt like I had been to class for a year. What a great and giving actor.

LW: When you travel to play a part, what is the one material item that you always bring along?

PC: A picture of my family.

LW: What is your dream role?

PC: To work on an epic film with a great director, especially a comedy, or period piece. Here is my dream list of directors to work with, in no particular order, in case they read this (And by the way, I am open to working with any other directors out there too): Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, the Cohen Brothers, Tim Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mel Brooks, Giuseppe Tornatore, Jason Reitman, Ridley Scott, Roberto Benigni, Terry Gilliam, David Cronenberg, Norman Jewison, Peter Jackson And now that I think about it, I collected comic books as a kid and would love to play a superhero or, maybe even better, a super villain someday!

LW: In addition to Supernatural, where can we see you on-screen soon?

PC: I’m thrilled to be appearing on an upcoming episode of Sy-Fy’s Eureka directed by Mike Rohl. To see what else I’m working on this year keep your eyes on my IMDB page.

LW: We will do just that, Peter! Thank you for taking time out for us.

PC: Lindsay thanks again for the Interview and I wish you and the gang at Support Supernatural all the best. Keep up the good work!

Thank YOU, Peter!!! For more information on Peter Ciuffa, visit or