Episode 10.16

“Paint it Black” Review

By Annie Kenney

Sam and Dean Winchester - Paint It Black

So the best thing about this week’s episode? The last five minutes.

And, while I’m at it, was Sam actually in this episode for more than about seven minutes screen time? I think not. At one point I actually started to miss Castiel and the angels. So did I like the episode? It was ok and with some tweaking it would have been epic.

Did I wish that there was more Sam & Dean on the case? Yes I did. Did I enjoy the scenes with Rowena and her nemesis? What do you think?

Sam Winchester - Paint It Black

The actual storyline this week was really, really good. I only wish that the writers hadn’t revealed the twist so early and let us know that Isabella was actually from Florence in the 1500’s. Once they had revealed that part of the plot it was fairly obvious who the killer was. However I thought the idea of her mixing her blood and bone into the painting was awesome and I really wish that the whole episode had been a simple Monster of the Week episode because the scenario had such great potential.

Another thing I liked this week was that the show suddenly found its sense of humor again. I have been re-watching Season 5 and I suddenly realized that Season 10 (with the exception of Fan Fiction) had been seriously lacking in laughs. I know that Supernatural isn’t a comedy, but it has always mixed high drama and gore with a good dose of self-effacing wit. Last night – with Dean hitting on an attractive nun and confessing his sins to the priest – I found myself chucking again. In fact Dean’s confession was a typical Supernatural moment moving swiftly from light heartedness to pathos in the matter of seconds. The last few sentences of Dean’s confession had me close to tears and it bought back the fact that something terrible is hanging over him (again). The fact he won’t discuss it with his brother and has become the strong, silent type again only makes it worse and the moments between Sam and Dean (which were sadly few and far between) were really touching and they encompassed the whole ethos of the program.

Dean Winchester - Pain It Black

Unfortunately the second part of the episode centered on Rowena and her thirst for revenge. Try and try as I might I cannot grow to like the character and wonder why she has to be so over the top. Her acting is incredibly hammy and I’m not sure if the actress has been told to play it this way or if it is her interpretation. I’ve never actually met a witch from ancient Scotland so it is hard for me to say whether the portrayal is accurate or not but – in my opinion – the character is nothing short of annoying and I long for her demise!

One thing this week’s episode did throw up though was the whole ‘Men of Letter’s’ plot and now it is becoming clear how Rowena’s storyline is going to fit in with Sam and Dean. It was a stroke of genius to have the coven destroyed by the Men of Letters and it is clear that Rowena is going to go after the Winchester’s to get her revenge, not only for that but for turning her son’s head! Trouble is – unlike other villains such as Dick Roman, YED, Alistair and Lucifer – Rowena just isn’t scary or threatening. I know she is a witch and I know she practices really powerful magic, but she just doesn’t look as if she would pose a threat to the Winchester’s. Perhaps – as the season draws to a close – this will change and I can but live in hope.

As I said at the beginning, the end of the episode was definitely the highlight. Sam and Dean in the Impala (and is it just me or did Sam reach over and squeeze Dean’s thigh at some point) talking things out. Dean looking wistful and Sam offering support. A real brother moment and something that is both precious and rare to this Supernatural fan.

I’ve not seen the trailer for this week as yet but I have read that an old face returns and that has made me very, very excited!! I can’t wait and I hope it is as good as I am anticipating it to be. Supernatural may frustrate me at times, but I will always love it and you won’t stop me tuning in to see just what the Winchester’s are up to. It is always a bumpy ride but well worth the trip!