Episode 10.2

“Reichenbach” Review

By Annie Kenney

What an episode; in fact it was possibly one of the best episodes of Supernatural I have seen for a good long while and it held my attention from start to finish.

Can I just pause for a moment and say how much vulnerable, hurt Sam moves me. My heart is just aching for him right now and Jared is just rocking. His acting does get better and better and I can almost feel Sam’s pain (both mental and physical). It is clear that Sam is trying to make up for the time he left Dean in Purgatory and Reichenbach he was doing everything in his power to get his brother back.

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Let me also say how wonderful it is that the writers of Supernatural don’t insult the obvious intelligence of their fans. This episode is named after the waterfall that Sherlock Holmes falls over while battling with Moriarty. Most Sherlock fans know that Dr. Watson thought Holmes was dead but, of course, he was wrong and the two finally reunited. Well last night Sam & Dean came back together again but it was hardly a moment of rejoicing, in fact it was one of the most upsetting and disturbing moments in all ten seasons and there wasn’t even a sniff of a hug!

But I am wandering off track; this episode answered many of the questions that Black posed. We now know why Cole wants Dean dead and it is obvious he had been training and preparing for that moment for years. We know that Cole served in the army, that Cole thought he was well-trained and capable and we also know now that he was very, very wrong. When Cole said Dean was a ‘monster’ he was thinking of a more human foe, when Sam said Dean was a monster he meant monster in every, single sinister sense of the word and I don’t think Cole quite knows what he is getting himself into.

I wondered if we were supposed to feel sympathy for Cole’s character. I have to admit I found it really hard after seeing him beat Sam so savagely. Part of me (the obviously evil demon part…) wanted to see Dean sink the first blade into Cole’s throat and part of me (the good angel part) wanted Cole to survive because he is already such an interesting and fascinating character. (I also want to know why Dean killed his dad and my guess is that Cole’s dad was also a monster of sorts but what remains to be seen).

To my surprise I really enjoyed the angel parts of last night’s episode too. I am not a general fan of the angel storyline (as I keep mentioning) but I am beginning to warm to Castiel & Hannah. Hannah could turn out to be quite a stimulating personality and I am beginning to wonder if there is romance on the cards! It was also good to see Metatron again and even better to see that he hasn’t changed one iota. He is still a slimy schemer and I wouldn’t have him any other way. He might be lying about still having Castiel’s grace but then again he might be telling the truth. Only time will tell but, as Castiel’s condition worsens, it is obvious he is going to have to do something and soon.

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And now to demon Dean; what can I say? Last night he went from douche bag to something truly evil. We saw the black eyes not once but several times, we saw him kill a man – feed the blade – we saw him beat up a club bouncer and, most disturbingly, we saw him threaten to bite Sam’s throat out. Even Crowley – King of Hell – couldn’t control him and there is clearly something nasty bubbling beneath all that good humor and atypical Dean behavior. Jensen plays it just right, switching from cocky Dean to psycho demon Dean in the blink of an eye. His behavior towards his beloved Sammy and – horror of horrors – towards his precious baby is telling and is far more frightening than any of the violence he has wrought.

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I do like the fact that the writer – Andrew Dabb – still kept in a touch of humor and it is nice to know that Demon Dean hasn’t lost his cultural knowledge quoting from both The Matrix (‘You know Kung Fu’) and The Princess Bride. The fact that he quotes famous movies while killing and maiming people makes him all the more scary and he is quite a force to be reckoned with.

The end of the episode was incredibly bleak. Sam’s expression of utter resignation, Dean’s threat to kill him; it was something that we have never really seen on Supernatural at all. Demon Dean is certainly more of a handful than soulless Sam and I hope he gets to stay evil for a little while longer.

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Although it did answer a lot of questions, as usual, the episode threw up a load more. Why did Dean kill Cole’s father? What is Crowley going to do with the blade? What is Dean going to do with Crowley now he knows that the King of Hell sold him out? How is Sam going to cure his brother? Will we see Sam attempt the demon cure and if he does will it ultimately kill him? Will Hannah release Metatron to get at Castiel’s grace and, if she does, will she live to regret it?

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions but I do want to know and if the Season continues at this pace and with episodes as wonderful as this one then I am going to keep watching just to find the answers…

I’d give this one episode 9/10 and, fingers crossed; the next one will be just as good if not better.

Can’t wait until next week!!