Episode 10.20

“Angel Heart” Review

By Annie Kenney

Angel Heart is one of my favorite films ever! Directed by Alan Parker it is – believe it or not – about a man called Harry Angel who gets involved with a very shady character called Louis Cypher (say it quickly and you’ll soon get it). A film that was made in 1987 it involved the supernatural, demons, angels and the selling of souls, so you can understand how excited I was when I saw that Supernatural had made an episode with that particular title…unfortunately this particular episode just didn’t live up to my expectations and I was left feeling rather empty and extremely disappointed.

It wasn’t as if Angel Heart was a bad episode, but a bit of a pointless one. Over the past few weeks there has been a build-up of tension and excitement. A dark feeling of foreboding, the desperate search for a cure for Dean, the Book of the Damned, creepy Cuthbert and Sam keeping secrets. This episode just seemed to forget all that had gone before and stood alone. Sure it tied up all the loose ends as far as Castiel’s family was concerned and it gave some sort of ending to Claire’s story but it was a tad pointless and – I’m sad to say – quite boring. There were a few good moments (Dean playing mini golf and quoting Caddyshack being a highlight) but mostly it seemed as if the writers had taken a sudden and sharp U-turn and it was jarring.

I’m sure most fans were pleased to see Castiel again but, personally, I would have preferred to see him working with Sam (and even Rowena) trying to save Dean. It might just be me but I am not particularly interested in Jimmy anymore. Sometimes I forget that Castiel’s form is actually a vessel because it is nearly six years since we met Jimmy Novak (in The Rapture) and whilst it has been interesting to see how his sacrifice affected Claire, I wasn’t particularly interested in discovering what had happened to his wife (to add to the confusion she was played by a totally different actress).

Angel Heart - Claire, Castiel, Dean

On the plus side it was good to see Claire interacting with the Winchesters and, particularly, with Sam. In my opinion this is the first season that we have actually seen things from Sam’s point of view and the writers are actually letting us see what goes on inside his head. Sam is interacting with other characters in the way that Dean normally does and it is really, really refreshing. Sam is the one trying to save Dean and that hasn’t happened since Season 3. It also gives Jared Padalecki a chance to flex his acting muscles and flex them he has. Jared has been a revelation this season and watching his performances have been one of my highlights of the year.

Angel Heart - Castiel and Dean

While we are on the subject of performances – kudos to Jensen Ackles too. His acting has been very subtle and he underplays Dean going postal so well that when we do see him crack (man’s skull being smashed against a table for instance) it is even more shocking. His reaction to being left behind to babysit was wonderful and it is nice to see that Dean hasn’t lost his touch with young people. Jensen has given us two distinctive sides to Dean this season and it is a pleasure to watch.

I also liked the Grigori angel; he was incredibly disturbing particularly when he was feeding (he reminded me of the Djinn). I looked the Grigori up and was interested to find that they really were called Watcher angels. Supernatural never ceases to amaze me with its attention to detail and a round of applause to the writer for coming up with yet another angel that we haven’t met before.

Now on the minus side some of things in this episode made me cringe. Dean’s speech to Claire about Castiel ‘Saving the World.’ No offense, but as far as I was aware it was Sam (and Dean) that saved the world. I’m not saying Castiel didn’t help, but he wasn’t up front and center like the Winchesters were. The final scene involving Jimmy and Amelia in heaven was cringe worthy and actually made me wince. It was sappy and unnecessary. Obviously this is just my opinion and – as I said earlier – it did tie up all the loose ends but did I care? No – not one bit!

Angel Heart - Sam and Dean

So – next week – let’s hope we are back on track so to speak; I want to see more of Dean slowly turning back into a demon, I want to see Sam sneaking around trying to save him, I want to see Castiel use his powers to help, I even want to see what Rowena comes up with. We only have three episodes left now and the writers need to use them wisely. No more one off episodes that don’t move the plot forward, no more characters that we had forgotten about, no more empty speeches that don’t make any sense. There is a huge storm coming and I want to be caught up right in the middle of it. I need to be gripped not bored and so I have high expectations of what is to come…