Episode 10.22

The Prisoner Review

By Annie Kenney

So this week a new Supernatural record was set when I burst into tears about four minutes in! The scenes of the Winchester brothers building Charlie’s funeral pyre made my heart ache and when the flashbacks started well that was it as far as I was concerned. Sam was hurting and Dean was angry and that, as we know, isn’t a good thing for the Winchesters. I really don’t like that the brothers are at loggerheads with each other although I understand the need for it at this particular time.

The Prisoner

My eyes were streaming when Sam started to apologize to Charlie and Dean just turned on him. That was shocking enough but the words that Dean said next broke me (and thousands of other fans I guess) ‘That should be you up there.’ In a long list of hurtful things the brothers have flung at each other over the years, this was up there in the top five and it was hard to stomach. Those few words proved how far gone Dean actually is and how hard it was going to be for Sam to actually save him.

Dean Winchester in The Prisoner

The episode was certainly traumatic and it was hard to tear my gaze away from the screen. There was so much going on and so many things happening that my head was spinning. Suddenly all of the major characters were coming to the fore and it was as if there was a speeding train that no one could ever catch.

Highlights for me were Crowley returning to his evil ways and confessing that he had only pretended to be good so that he might be able to feel again. Crowley was genuinely scary with his red eyes and it was good (if that is the right word) to see his powers return again. If Sam thought it would be easy to kill him then he was obviously wrong and his fear of the demon was palpable. At one point it appeared that Crowley would kill Sam and – even though deep down we knew he wouldn’t – there was an awful air of unease about the whole scene.

Sam and Castiel in The Prisoner

Castiel also came into his own and became more than just the comic relief. He is obviously going to be very important in trying to remove the mark but – again – I feared for his life. Dean looked as if he really, truly wanted to kill Cas and for one awful moment I actually thought he’d done it! Frightening.

So I now have to eat humble pie and confess that I was wrong about the Stynes being the Big Bad for this season and maybe the next. Actually they didn’t last very long at all and it was quite a shock to see them all slaughtered at Dean’s hands. Part of me thinks there might be a branch of the family elsewhere (as they are meant to be a dark dynasty) and I’m wondering that – if Dean is cured – they might come after him next season. However if I’m wrong about that then they were obviously used to show us – again – just how dark Dean has gone and just how much the mark is affecting him. When he shot poor Cyrus we just knew he was almost beyond saving – old Dean wouldn’t have done that – old Dean would have let the boy go. This new murderous version of Dean is a cold, calculating killer and is ten times scarier than soulless Sam!

Let me pause a moment and praise the actors for this week’s performances – excellent to a man. Jared is so fantastic at showing us Sam’s pain, Jensen is just awesome as this new terrifying version of Dean, Mark Sheppard showed us why he is such a great demon and Misha Collins bought Castiel back to being a kick ass angel again.

After this episode I really, really care about the characters again. I had lost interest at one point, gotten bored and been annoyed by Rowena and her storyline which seemed to wander all over the place without much point but – as usual – the writers have bought it all together and now I can’t wait till next week but I’m also apprehensive worrying about what is to come.

The fact that the next episode is called ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is what concerns me the most. I have always had this deep, dark fear that Dean is going to murder Sam in the same way that Cain murdered Abel. I don’t think Dean will die and I don’t think he will become a demon again (because that would be too much of a repeat of last season’s finale) so I’m sure that the writers are going to come up with something just as shocking, something that will keep us hanging on and that will have us running back to watch Season Eleven.

Is Sam going to die? What will happen to Dean? Can he be cured? Will Crowley get revenge on his mother? I’m desperate to find out but – deep down – I’m not sure I want to know.

Supernatural finales have never, ever disappointed me and I don’t expect this one to be any different…

I have tissues and a big supply of chocolate and wine ready for next week.

Bring it on!