Episode 10.5

“Fan Fiction ” Review

 By Annie Kenney

Happy 200th episode Supernatural!

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There is so much I could say about tonight’s episode and all of it would be good. Fan Fiction illustrated why Supernatural has lasted for 200 episodes (and hopefully beyond) and why it is more than just a TV program. In fact to some of us (most of us fans) it is a way of life!

Tonight was such a fitting tribute, not just to the Winchesters but to their fan base – the Supernatural family – fans that have followed the story from the start and are still following it now. Fans that spend their hard earned cash going to conventions, buying DVD’s and as much merchandise as their house can hold. Tonight the program said ‘Thank you’ to the fans and they did it in the most wonderful way.

Who would have thought that Supernatural would work as a musical? When the news was first announced I was extremely uneasy. I didn’t want the program I loved to become a laughing stock and I couldn’t actually imagine the actors singing (or dancing). As it turned out they didn’t have to and everything was absolutely perfect.

From the opening montage (every single Supernatural gif since the program began) to the end scene (and hands up who didn’t cry) the 200th episode was everything I imagined it would be and more. I loved the writer/director and her right hand woman, I loved the fact that everyone thought her ideas were lame and I was reminded of my own school days when I adored drama and was always first to audition for everything.

It was fitting that the only regulars to actually appear in Fan Fiction were Sam & Dean. Despite the addition of other series regulars the Winchesters are what Supernatural is about. It has always been a program about family and, despite their differences, the devotion and deep abiding love between Dean and his baby brother. I’m an only child but since watching Supernatural I often wish I had a sibling like Dean or Sam. It is their relationship that keeps us watching and their story that keeps us interested and the writers of this special episode knew that so they kept it simple and it worked so well.

Supernatural has always made me laugh and both Jared and Jensen have a natural gift for comedy but tonight was certainly one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen in a good long while. I loved all the nods to fan tropes such as Wincest (‘Why are they standing so close?’) and Destiel (Sam’s concern about the pronunciation of this particular trope was awesome and you could see Jared’s amusement seeping through). The expression on the Winchester’s faces when they walked into the theatre for the first time was absolutely priceless and I was sniggering from start to finish.

How nice that the show also gave nods to characters like YED, John, Mary and Bobby. I really loved Castiel and his/her wistful song about Dean. I also liked that the author of the play decided to end the Winchester’s story herself so that – technically – the brothers got their happy ending. I also loved her reaction to Dean telling her the real story and Dean’s reaction to just about everything.

It was also interesting to see the program looking back through its own history. The mention of Sam’s play Our Town and the fact that Sam was a drama nerd who also appeared in Oklahoma (oh how I would have loved to see that.) Nice to see Sam getting in the modern culture references too (Hugh Jackman anyone?) It was interesting that they also revisited some of their old monster foes such as Scarecrow and a Tulpa. Also both brothers seemed totally unaffected by the angst of the last few months (years) and it was so good to see them working in tandem.

If I was to have one little complaint it would be that the actual monster was a bit lame. Pagan Gods have been used several times on the program and sometimes they work (A Very Supernatural Christmas) and sometimes they don’t (Fallen Idols). However it didn’t much matter as the actual monster was little more than a plot device. The episode was, in reality, all about the show and its fans.

And the end…what can I say? When the cast assembled on the stage and sang ‘Carry on my Wayward Son’ there were genuine tears in my eyes. When you become completely enamored by a TV program it starts to become real in your eyes. I have followed Supernatural since the Pilot and I am completely and utterly invested in the Winchesters and their almost endless journey. I liked the use of The Road So Far as a song and as an ending. Watching Sam & Dean drive off into the painted sunset was incredibly touching and a little bittersweet. It was the happy ending all fans want but – as we know – the show is far from over.

When Marie handed the fake Samulet over to Dean I was crying again and to see him hang it in the Impala moved me completely. It was also nice to hear Dean say that the Samulet didn’t matter as it was, in reality, just a symbol of his love for his brother. The obvious affection that the brothers have for each other was in the forefront of this episode and how I wish that it could be like this every single week.

So, as a fan did I think that the portrayal of Supernatural fans was true to life? Well in some ways not really. I’ve been to several conventions and most of the fans are older women but their devotion cannot be questioned. At the last Asylum I saw at least twenty cosplay Castiel’s and someone had even come as a Leviathan! I confess that I read (and write) fan fiction and I’ve read some really funny stories over the years. Fan Fiction mentioned lots of tropes (tentacles, Wincest, Destiel etc) but it didn’t even touch on some of the more bizarre stories that often involve Mpreg and shape shifting (which is possibly a good thing).

This has to be my favorite episode so far (and one of the best in the series). As I said at the beginning it was a fitting tribute to the program we love and it possibly bought tears to the eyes of even the most hardened of fans. It contained loads of lovely brother moments (or BM Scenes – that doesn’t mean Bowel movement scenes by the way) and lots and lots of humor (and it had added Chuck at the end). How can it be topped? Well here’s to episode 300!

Next week we will – no doubt – be back to normal and Crowley and Cas will return. I await what is to come with baited breath but for now I am wrapped in the lovely warm feeling that Fan Fiction gave me and I just want to say a huge thank you to Kripke, Jared, Jensen and all the others. Thanks for the last 200 episodes guys…keep it up!!