Episode 10.6

“Ask Jeeves” Review

By Annie Kenney

Following last week’s episode was always going to be hard and, although Ask Jeeves was entertaining enough it just didn’t hit the spot with me. There were moments that I really liked but, after seeing the brother’s ride into the sunset together in Fan Fiction it was bitterly disappointing to see them – sort of – apart at the end of Ask Jeeves.

As far as I am aware Supernatural has never done a murder mystery episode before and they did it very well. I really liked the old 1930’s Agatha Christie feel of the episode and the family was very amusing. The tone was a little bit like And Then There Were None and there were some nods towards Clue. However I felt as if the brothers were simply cyphers in episode and they almost took a back seat to all of the other strong personalities.

There was a lot of amusement to be gained by both brothers; I adored the older woman’s pursuit of Sam (us older women really do like Sammy you know) and his attempts to get away from them. Jared’s expressions were spot on and I actually laughed out loud on several occasions. I also loved Dean exploring the house and his reactions to the portraits and suits of armor. The servant’s reactions to the Winchester’s were also very humorous and there were lots of in jokes about canvas jackets and plaid!

This said; the story was very weak and most of it was told in the reveal at the end. It was interesting that the murderer was the dead woman’s daughter but it seemed a bit contrived that Bobby would have let her live and locked her in the attic for years on end! It was also hard to believe that he would have taken care of her as her mother clearly wished. I believe the writers hadn’t really thought this story through and it left me with a bit of a ‘meh’ feeling. It was one of those episodes that you watch, enjoy on the surface and then instantly forget about. Apart from the ending…

To see Dean shoot the girl over and over again was shocking and unexpected. Sam’s reaction must have mirrored the reaction of most of the audience and the episode suddenly switched from amusing to disturbing. It was a clear indication that Dean is still under the influence of the mark and that he needs to kill and to kill ugly. I expected to see the mark’s influence on Dean at some point in the season but I didn’t expect to see it so soon and like this. It was painful to watch the final scene (the BM scene in fact). Painful to see that Dean isn’t telling Sam everything; painful to see Sam’s despondent reaction and painful to see Dean turn on the music rather than talk to his brother.

Fan Fiction was always going to be a hard act to follow and this episode didn’t come anywhere close. It was almost a backward step, the brothers still not talking, the lingering effects of the mark, a small crack in what appeared to be a solid relationship. The one saving grace was Sam’s speech to Dash about his relationship with HIS family (Dean). It is clear that Sam thought the brothers had, finally, reconnected but unfortunately, Dean’s behavior at the end of the episode tells us that they haven’t.

So a 5/10 episode for me, not dreadful but not brilliant either. Next week Crowley and Castiel return and I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not!

That said, Season 10 is certainly interesting and there are, as usual, more questions than answers at the moment.

Let’s see what the return of Rowena will mean for the boys.