Episode 10.7

“Girls, Girls, Girls” Review

By Annie Kenney

Um just let my head stop spinning and then I’ll be able to actually formulate a review for last night’s episode! Boy was there a lot going on and, to be honest, it all went by in a bit of a blur as several doors opened and quite a few closed!

Firstly the opening scene with Sam and Dean; the best scene in the entire episode without a shadow of a doubt. It was a return to the Supernatural of old with Sam teasing Dean and then Dean getting the better of Sam! I loved that Dean was on a dating site and that his handle was ‘Impala 67’ and I adored the fact that the brothers had gone a long way out of their way just so Dean could ‘Get laid.’ Sam’s concern that Dean’s date would turn out to be ‘Bruce the trucker’ and Sam’s face when the woman Dean had agreed to meet was super attractive and, more importantly, a woman! How I wish the writers would write more scenes like this…longer scenes…scenes where Sam and Dean do normal things like eat in diners and talk to each other. These scenes – now unfortunately few and far between – are what I started watching Supernatural for and they make me very, very happy!


Now for the plot – thick and sometimes complicated – it introduced us to a new character Rowena, a witch with expensive tastes and some very dodgy practices. I’m not sure how I feel about this new addition and I think it will take me a little while to get used to her. I’m not a great fan of witches and, unfortunately, most of the Supernatural episodes that feature them have been my least favorite but, as always, my mind is open and I’m ready to see where the writers take us!

The thought of demons running a brothel and getting involved in the sex trade was somehow sleazy to me (and Crowley agrees) and it was good to see the violent ones get their just deserts. I felt quite sorry for the poor hookers in the story and I felt especially sorry for poor Elle (but more about that later).

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 9.26.26 AM

While the introduction of Rowena was in full swing we got to meet Cole again. I really liked this character and hope that we haven’t seen the last of him (although the episode hinted that we might of). As suspected it appears his father WAS a monster and Dean was – as we knew – right to kill him! The moment when Cole handed his gun over to Dean and went home to his family was very emotional and extremely touching. The actor playing Cole (Travis Aaron Wade) was excellent and his pain was palpable. He was (is) a great addition to the Supernatural universe and I hope that we do see more of him.


Alongside all of this there was Castiel and Hannah; usually I find the angel storyline distracting but last night I thought it was wonderful. I was extremely moved and it was very brave of the show’s writers to go there. As an audience we are very rarely asked to think much about an angel’s vessel and to see the pain Caroline’s husband went through bought it all very much to the surface. Hannah was a good character and to see her leave her vessel and head who knows where was quite emotional. I also felt sorry for poor Castiel who seems to be very much alone right now. I hope he gets in his car and finds the Winchesters sooner rather than later.

Back to the main action and Rowena seemed to be trying to recruit other witches. Her magic was certainly very strong because whoever she cast a spell on met a very sticky and painful end (brain boiling anyone??) She also knew Latin and had clearly been around for a long time. The hookers she befriended appeared interested in what she had to offer but only Catlin survived to live another day.

Apart from the beginning and a very moving short scene at the end I felt that Sam and Dean were pretty much side-lined in this episode and it was as if they were guest stars in their own show. It was good to see Crowley again and Castiel’s storyline actually held my attention but it was a disappointment – after the last few episodes – to not see so much of Sam and Dean.

That said Sam’s reaction to Dean’s speech, made me tear up. Dean has often said he thinks it will ‘end bloody’ for him but this time I actually think he meant it. Despite what he said to Sam to reassure him neither Sam (nor the viewer) was reassured. As we have seen Dean is still under the influence of the mark and things are not going to get better for him for a while. I am very worried about him and about his relationship with Sam and I don’t want to see the brothers at loggerheads again.

All in all this was an episode which moved along at an almost neck breaking speed and threw lots of things at us. It also threw up the usual amount of questions such as will we see Hannah again? Will we meet up with Cole? What is Rowena’s end game and how did she end up in this century in the first place? So many problems and no real clues as to how they will be solved…I’m left confused, a tad perplexed and wondering what the hell is going to happen next.

However we do know one thing…yep Crowley’s ‘Mother’ came as a surprise to no one – hands up here who didn’t think Rowena was related to him in some way! I look forward to seeing mum and son working together in evil synchronicity…should lead to a very interesting mid-season finale (and are we really 7 episodes through already?)

I want to see what the next few weeks bring before I make any sort of decision or guess but the writers certainly know how to keep us interested…