Episode 10.8

Hibbing 911 Review

By Annie Kenney

Have I ever told you how much I love the character of Jody Mills? Well I do.

Of all the characters that have appeared – more than once – in Supernatural over the years I believe that Jody is one of the most rounded and real. You can almost imagine her existing and she is one of us, someone we can relate to. (I met Kim Rhodes at Asylum a couple of years ago and she is awesome). It was such a shame that Bobby died before they could explore their blossoming relationship because the two of them would have made a really kick ass partnership.


Hibbing 911 didn’t feature Sam & Dean all that much but, for once, I didn’t mind. I really loved the reluctant partnership between Jody and Donna and – if the producers and writers are reading – there is a great potential for a spin off series with two characters that are actually interesting, fun and fantastic role models for women everywhere.

As an aside, one of the things I am enjoying most about Season 10 is how much it resembles Season 1. There is a myth arc but it is interposed with excellent monster of the week episodes that casual viewers could watch without too much prior knowledge. I am also enjoying the obvious closeness between Sam and Dean. They are really in tune at the moment and this leads to some really humorous exchanges and some fantastic brother moments. (The werewolf discussion at the beginning and Dean’s ‘take pride in the badge’ speech to Sam to name but two), unfortunately it appears that (from looking at next week’s trailer) there are going to be some huge problems ahead for the brothers and it looks as if Dean is asking Castiel for help rather than Sam. I really hope that this doesn’t ruin the brother’s new trust and closeness but – knowing the writers – it is going to.


But – back to Hibbing 911– it was a fun episode and a great introduction to a partnership that looks like it might last! Jody and Donna were like the odd couple and almost like a female Sam and Dean! Donna is such a funny character but oddly likable and, when you met her douche of a husband, you really wanted to punch him in his smug face! It is great to see ‘girl power’ in an episode of a series that is – primarily – about men. Despite the series introducing some good women characters (Ellen, Jo, Meg & Charlie to name but a few) it hasn’t always been ‘kind’ to the female of the species. Jody (and now Donna) are great examples because they aren’t indestructible super heroes or hunters, they haven’t got powers (like demons or angels) but they do have normal lives, domestic problems and other issues that we all have to deal with on a day to day basis.


I found it interesting that Sam had obviously discussed Dean’s disappearance with Jody. There is a special relationship between Sam and Jody that I like a lot. Jody isn’t old enough to be Sam’s mom but she is very motherly towards him so it isn’t a relationship that is going to be complicated by a romance. I like that Sam has his own friend and ally, someone he can turn to when he is having problems with Dean!

As usual with these sorts of episodes the monsters were really just cyphers to move the story along. However it was an interesting twist to have the leader of the vampires turn straight and become a cop. The only criticism I really have is that the vampire gang were about as scary as my two dogs! They never really felt threatening and that gave the episode a distinct lack of tension. Perhaps I’ve become a bit blasé about it but monsters in Supernatural don’t scare me much anymore so maybe it is time for the writers to come up with something really, really horrible! The only other thing I will say is that Sam was tied up AGAIN! This is becoming too repetitive and it would be great to see him actually kick some ass rather than spend his time tied to a chair/tree/any part of the scenery that seems to be available…


So Donna is now another civilian that knows monsters are real and I hope that the boys encounter her again. It seems likely that the humor of the past few episodes is going to turn quickly to angst and that next week’s midseason finale is going to be heavy on the mythology. The trailer makes me very uneasy almost to the point of real worry. Is Dean really as unaffected by the mark as he makes out? (Answer definitely no on that one!) Is Dean really cured? (Not sure but it looks unlikely). Will Sam actually have a part in the finale or will he be pinned to a wall? I have been enjoying the stand alone episodes thus far so I’m unsure how I feel about next week but, as always, I will be watching avidly to see just what the writers are going to do to keep us hanging on until the New Year…