Episode 12.11

‘Regarding Dean’ Review

By Annie Kenney

After last week’s episode, I was beginning to lose faith and, to my horror, interest in the show but now – now the writers have pulled me back and made me cry! What a contrast! I absolutely loved it, it was what Supernatural has always been about, family and loyalty and the relationship between Sam and Dean. It was an awesome episode and I have nothing bad to say about it!

Let me start with Jensen. He was fantastic in this episode. His acting was perfect and he switched between humor and pathos without missing a beat. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as Dean lost his memories and became increasingly childlike. His innocence and delight at being someone who hunted evil things, his joy at being able to shoot a gun, his enjoyment of simple things like the TV and mini bottles of vodka. It was all so beautifully done and Jensen was faultless.

And so, to Jared/Sam…What can I say? Sam’s concern and love for his brother shone through in every scene. He started off exasperated as Dean appeared to have been on a bender but, as the story progressed, you could see his anxiety grow and grow. When he finally realized what was happening, you could almost feel his panic and when he confessed to Rowena that this was even worse than watching his brother die…well there were definitely tears in my eyes.

As for Rowena…I started off disliking her but as time has gone on I like her more and more. Ruth seems to have settled into the character now and her acting has become less hammy! She is an excellent ally for the brothers and I loved her in this episode. Her ‘Do we have to cure him?’ made me laugh and I liked the fact she opened up to Dean because he wouldn’t remember what she had said to him. Although her motives were suspect, she did give Sam the grimoire in the end so it does appear she cares about the Winchesters more than she is prepared to let on!

The villains were pretty uninspiring, but to be honest the episode wasn’t about them. I did like the fact that they had history with Rowena and it is great to see the writers trying to tie things up. I had to smile to myself when Sam was tied up (it must have been at least two episodes since that happened) and I was never really worried that he would actually be harmed in any way. The finale was excellent and Sam’s ‘Brother – Witch’ followed by Dean’s thumbs up was one of the highlights of a very good episode.

The brothers’ talk in the end was very bitter sweet. Sam admitted that when Dean lost his memory he had been happy for the first time in a long time. The final scene of Dean riding the bull and all the little things that happened during the episode was lovely and I defy anyone to say they didn’t shed a little tear. As usual the music was brilliantly chosen and just added to the poignancy of the moment.

This episode earns a huge 10/10 and I am keeping everything crossed that the writers/producers decide to go down this road more often. I want to see the brothers together, I want to see them share moments like this. I want to see more Sam and Dean and less angels! I have no problem with Cas if he is helping the Winchesters and I don’t mind Crowley or Rowena when they are used affectively. Last week’s episode was awful and made me wonder if I wanted to continue watching…this week’s made my answer easy…YES! Supernatural can be excellent when it wants to be and long may it continue…