Episode 12.13

‘Family Feud’ Review

By Annie Kenney

Another Supernatural episode threw quite a lot at us in quite a short space of time! Not all bad, but certainly not as good as the last two. The plot with Gavin was a bit pointless and it seems an awful long time (was it Season 9?) since we saw him. As we have no idea what he has been doing since then it was difficult to actually relate to him or care about him. The ghost was scary at first and the beginning of this episode made me jump out of my skin! I thought we were in for a terrifying episode and I admit that I felt disappointed when it just sort of petered out.

The sub-plots (yes there were two in this episode – like I said a lot going on!) about Lucifer’s love child and Mary working with Mr. Ketch (and by association the British Men of Letters) were interesting enough but there is enough information there for the writers to have at least a couple of episodes dealing with each. We didn’t really need the Gavin plot about the ghosts and the poor teachers getting killed. The whole thing was a bit rambling to be honest and it was easy to get distracted when one scene suddenly shifted to another which had absolutely nothing to do with the previous one!

Gavin was sweet enough; he certainly differs from the rest of his family but I was suspicious as to why Rowena was helping him. I felt as if Fiona was shoe-horned in and, once she stopped being scary, she was awful! Her Scottish accent sounded like nothing I’ve heard of before and, like Gavin, it was hard to care about her. Maybe I’m heartless but the fact she went down with the ship alone and scared didn’t really resonate and therefore the whole thing felt trite.

I did like the baby Lucifer story though and it was good that they tied it into ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’ and we met another yellow-eyed demon! This was, Dagon, the sister of Ramiel and it had already been mentioned that she had taken an interest in Lucifer Jr. The fact that there are more yellow-eyed demons and that they are coming back makes me feel really uneasy (in an oddly good way). Can’t help but worry about Crowley though; I think he might seriously regret chaining Lucifer up and making him lick the floor. I have a feeling that Lucifer holds a lot of grudges and things could be tricky for Crowley in the future.

As for Mary, I’m glad she was finally honest with her boys but neither of them seemed happy that she was working with the Brits! I can’t say I blame Sam who has had a pretty awful experience under their care and, even though it was at the hands of a so called rogue operative he doesn’t trust them and he doesn’t like his mom working with them! (and, for good measure, neither does Dean).

So not a good episode but not a bad one and there are a few interesting plot twists forming. I want to see more of Lucifer Jr (the anti Christ?) and I want to see more of Dagon and her creepy yellow eyes. I have no idea where this is all going and I like that. I think this season is turning out to be an interesting one and, although some of the episodes have been poor, for the most part it has been excellent. A 6/10 for me (with an extra point for a very enjoyable Rowena who only wanted revenge on her son for making her kill Oskar – ooer).