Episode 12.14

‘The Raid’ Review

By Annie Kenney

So, I am going to start this review by getting the shallow bit over and done with. Sam looked so hot in this episode! That’s it – probably not the last time I’ll mention it – but so hot!

Seriously this was an excellent episode and full of tension, excitement, and the welcome return of an old friend (unfortunately not for very long, but never mind). Being British I’m not sure that the British (well the Men of Letters) are coming across very well but that is my only real criticism. All in all it was a perfect episode and I’m hoping that this good vein of form will continue.

The only thing that does concern me is that – after all that happened in The Raid – the brothers might end up at loggerheads again. As they have been working in tandem for nearly one and a half seasons it would be horrible for that to happen. I love it when Sam and Dean are – well – Sam and Dean, but it appears that the British Men of Letters may yet cause tension within the Winchester family dynamic.

It might be wrong of me, but I did feel a bit sorry for Mary at the beginning; she thought she was doing the right thing but it was clear that the brothers, particularly Dean, weren’t singing from the same hymn sheet! It is an interesting look at Dean and how he has always been the one that, deep down, wanted family and normal. In this episode, he reverted from a grown man to a little boy (without realizing it) and it made him act badly both towards his mom (when he called her Mary – ouch) and Sam (telling him to pick a side). I wasn’t angry at Dean, in fact I felt sad for him. He had an image of his mom in his mind, one he carried from when he was four years old, and now it has been shattered (more than once).

It was good to see Sam more prepared to talk to his mom; it is probably easier for him because he never had any childhood memories of her and, to be honest, was relying on what Dean and his dad told him. It was interesting to hear that the ‘old men’ weren’t really that interested in Mary but really wanted Sam and Dean. The Winchesters are becoming legends in their own – very many – lifetimes. I also loved the fact that Mr Ketch went to talk to Dean; as it turns out the two men have a lot more in common than they thought but, as proved when they confronted the female vampire, Dean is still not such a hardened hunter as he would have us believe.

The raid was really dramatic and quite unsettling; the Alpha vamp has always creeped me out (I met Rick Worthy once and he was so nice it was unbelievable) and I hate his big teeth and long nails – he appears to have been modelled on the original Nosferatu – and is rat-like and feral. Good twist that the hunter was in the Alpha vamps pay and – well – he soon got his just deserts.

What was great was to see Sam all kick ass and showing why he is so valuable to the ‘old men.’ His reaction on seeing the Colt made me feel a bit tearful, but to see a Winchester wield it again – very cool. The interchange between Mick and Sam was a neat trick and it was a real blast from the past to see something evil blown away by Samuel Colt’s masterpiece.

As I have said, the end of the episode was unsettling. Sam has joined the Brits, Dean isn’t quite on board yet (even though he appears to have made peace with his mom) and there may be trouble ahead…

So, an excellent 9/10 with extra marks for a hot, kick ass Sam and a creepy Alpha vamp! Can’t wait to see where we are going next.