Episode 12.15

‘Somewhere Between Heaven & Hell’ Review

By Annie Kenney

Personally, I found this week’s episode a bit messy! An odd description I know but, as can be the case when everyone is involved, it dashed all over the place and it made concentrating on any one of the story threads a little hard.

Sam and Dean were working case after case and it was good to see them doing it together and with a good dose of humor. I loved Dean’s speech about his boxers and the fact they had taken out one monster after another. However, I did feel uneasy about Sam hiding the fact he was on board with the British Men of Letters from Dean. As we know brothers hiding secrets from each other is never a good thing in the Supernatural universe so it was a relief when Sam got honest at the end (but more of that later).

This week’s episode gave me the feeling that Sam and Dean’s storyline was shoehorned in so that we could get to see Crowley again. I never really mind Crowley but – like Castiel – he needs a good storyline of his own to make his appearance necessary. At this point I feel that his interactions with Lucifer are excellent and I am really enjoying the fact that he has the upper hand. However, as well as this we also had Castiel’s search for Kelly Kline and his conversation with another angel about returning to heaven. This added to the amusing diner manager who thought that Dagon’s yellow eyes meant she was part of an alien invasion was almost too much. Each story would probably have worked well on its own merits but three or four strands together lead to confusion and – worse – disinterest.

I found myself getting bored halfway through and that is never a good thing. The actress who was being pursued by a hellhound was not – in my opinion – very good and I had no sympathy for her whatsoever. The shallow part of me loves Sam and Dean in glasses and it was wonderful to see Sam kicking ass two weeks in a row! (and not being tied to a chair which is always a result). I also like it that the writers showed Sam’s sensitive side by having him talk to the hellhound girl and look all puppyish and sympathetic! On a side note it was also good to see Dean and Crowley renewing their bromance.

The episode really felt like a filler; we now have several storylines which – hopefully – will come together. Crowley has Lucifer (secretly) warded inside his vessel and is control, Castiel is being welcomed back to heaven and the angels are going to help him find and destroy Lucifer’s child and Sam and Dean are going to work with the Men of Letters unless Dean has trust issues so therefore they will be hunting with mom (and Mr Ketch). Quite a lot to take in and to think about!

For me – the best bit of the whole damn episode – was the absolutely wonderful Walking Dead reference, who didn’t cheer when they saw that baseball bat with the barbed wire – obviously a little something dad had left!

This episode was a 5/10 with extra marks for Lucille and Sam and Dean being on the same page. Who knows how this is going to tie together but it will be interesting to find out…