Episode 12.17

‘The British Invasion’ Review

By Annie Kenney

I am beginning to ask myself why I let myself become fond of characters and start thinking how interesting they are and what a difference they make to the season. I must confess to liking Mick – British Man of Letters – a lot and I was enjoying his interactions with Sam and Dean and felt that he could add quite a bit to the hunter dynamic! One episode later and poor old Mick is dead! Shot in the head by Ketch (who might well meet the same fate if Dean finds out what he has been doing with mom!). I was stunned and disappointed and left feeling a tad miffed.

All that said I wasn’t particularly fond of this episode; again, it was jam packed full. There was Kelly and her deadly Nephilim, Dagon who appears to be very nasty and controlling, Crowley who is being double crossed by Lucifer (who is in turn pretending to be all meek and controlled), the sudden and random return of Eileen (who – dare I say – I like a lot!) and the introduction of Dr. Hess who is one of those mean British women obviously modeled on Maggie Thatcher or someone equally as uptight and supervisory. As all of this was rammed into 45 minutes I found it hard to keep up and I’m beginning to get confused by Season 12 because there is no real overriding arc (not that that is a bad thing) and no particular big bad. I have no idea where it is going and some of the tension has been lost along the way. There wasn’t enough Sam and Dean for me (and there was definitely a shortage of Dean) and too much of everything else.

So, what did I like? Sam’s obvious chemistry with Eileen (oh let there be a romance there – Sam deserves someone nice), Mick’s back story (no all English schools are not like that one) and Mary’s naughty flirtation with Ketch (hands up everyone who could see that one coming) and the return of Mark P as Lucifer (he is always good value for money). On the downside, I’m not overly taken with Dr Hess or the sudden introduction of the Men of Letter’s code and I’m not sure where the Kelly and her demon baby storyline is going. Are we going to see the birth of the Anti-Christ? And is this going to be the new big bad for seasons to come? Who knows?

I was accused last week of being negative and it was even questioned why I continue to watch the program if I don’t like it much! Well the answer to this is that I love Supernatural and will always love Supernatural but sometimes I do lose faith in it. The Winchesters (who are – let’s face it- the heart and soul of the series) are being constantly side-lined. There is nothing really happening with them. They are almost observers to everyone else’s storylines (and Castiel has gone totally AWOL). Gone are the days when we worried about their fate. How I long for previous seasons with Sam’s visions, Dean’s Mark of Cain, Demon blood addiction, having no soul, the trials and so forth!

This season is creeping along with a whisper rather than a bang and something needs to happen soon else Season 13 might just be the last!

Let’s hope that the writers have something in store for us and that Sam and Dean will step forward and be heroes again…