Episode 12.18

‘The Memory Remains’ Review

By Annie Kenney

I am writing this review whilst quietly sobbing like a little baby; the last ten minutes of this episode – priceless – and better than some of the other episodes put together. It reminds us that at the very heart of Supernatural are the Winchester brothers and this is how it should be (in my humble opinion).

So, back to this episode – I really liked it! It was a good old fashioned monster hunt with an added dash of the Brits and the smarmy and strangely watchable Mr Ketch. I hated the fact he pretended to be Mick particularly as he had shot him in the head but – that’s us British for you!

It was fantastic to see Sam and Dean back on a case and back to themselves. In fact, they were acting much like their Season 1 selves with Sam researching and Dean flirting! It made me laugh that Dean said his night had been awesome (particularly after asking if he said it too much) and that Sam guessed what his pick-up line might be. As much as I like some of the other characters I must confess to enjoying Supernatural more when it is just Sam and Dean on a case. There is something nostalgic about seeing them in their FBI suits and arriving in small towns. The only thing that’s different is that they were taking their orders from Mick rather than getting tips from Garth or Bobby.

The monster in this episode was pretty creepy and it was good that it was only glimpsed in the darkness. Monsters are always scarier if you don’t know what they actually look like. I also liked the legend of Black William and felt that it tied the whole story together. I also felt quite a lot of sympathy for the two boys who had been kidnapped and fed to the God. I did actually guess that Black William was a real person rather than the actual monster but I didn’t guess who he was so it was a surprise and a good twist when it turned out to be the meat plant man!! Who also happened to be the half-brother of the Sheriff – it reminded me of one of these classic murder mysteries and it kept me interested. I also got a blast at watching Sam use the colt to blast the monster!! It is so cool seeing the brothers use these supernatural weapons and I hope we get to see more of it.

Back at the bunker the Brits were rifling through Sam and Dean’s things and I felt creeped out when Ketch ended up in Dean’s room going through his draws and generally snooping about. It does appear that he has feelings for Mary despite his denial to the contrary and I’m certain that this isn’t going to end well. Dean is going to be angry, very angry and I wouldn’t like to be in Ketch’s shoes when he finds out!

And so, to the best part of the whole episode (and possibly one of the highlights of this season) back in the bunker the Winchesters discuss the case and the evil family’s legacy. This leads to Dean asking Sam what their legacy to the world will be and if they will be remembered. Sam’s answer – that the people they have saved are their legacies – is something we have heard before but it really hit home this time. Then the brothers left their mark in the bunker and we got to see flashbacks of them as children. We saw them carving their initials in Baby and then as adults on the table. It was really emotional and it moved me to tears. I’m not sure if it is because of Mary or because the brothers are getting older or if I am just plain hormonal but the whole scene was just fantastic and kudos to both Jared and Jensen for their acting skills and for making me care about the Winchesters even more than I thought possible.

So, a very solid 8/10 with extra marks for the tears. I wish that the rest of the season could be like this episode, but I am sure that the angels, demons, demon baby and the Brits will return. I can only hope that the writers know what they are doing and that the Winchesters – Supernatural’s beating heart – remain center stage.