Episode 12.19

‘The Future’ Review

By Annie Kenney

In my last review, I ended on saying that I hoped the writers remembered that the beating heart of Supernatural was the Winchester Brothers and that they should be at the focal point of the story. Unfortunately, this episode completely ignored that fact and, as we get closer to the finale, appeared to have taken the Winchester’s out of the equation and made Castiel the hero…

Or have they?

We still don’t know if Kelly’s little devil is good or bad but it did help her survive a suicide attempt and an attack by Dagon and is now turning her eyes gold and giving her messages. Are they for good? Or is this just another trick? Trouble is that right about now I’m not really caring very much. The Winchesters have been left unconscious on the ground and a glowing Cas has driven away in his truck with Kelly glowing by his side. Will Season 13 be the adventures of the Anti-Christ and Castiel – I sincerely hope not!

My opinions are often at loggerheads with others and so I want to reiterate that these are just my opinions. I feel as if Season 12 is creeping along and there is no real tension for me as Sam and Dean have, again, become arbitrary characters in their own series. I understand there must be other characters and I understand that they should be involved in the storyline but they shouldn’t be the most important characters in said storyline! I like Castiel (most of the time – apart from when he is possessed by Lucifer) but I like him as a friend and ally to the Winchesters not as the star of the show!

So, what did I like? I loved that Sam had been geeking out and spending hours researching so he could come up with a solution to the ‘Kelly Kline’ problem. I liked the fact that Dean gave Cas a Led Zep tape to listen to and the fact that he can also repair a broken truck. I like the fact that the brothers are actually together and on the same page and not fighting each other. Dagon was cool, mean and a bad ass and we saw Lucifer again (hurray!)

What didn’t I like? Kelly irritates me for some reason, the angels always get on my nerves because they are pretty damn useless and I wouldn’t really want them on my side in a fight and there was too much of Castiel and Kelly running away from various things! I don’t like the way the story appears to be going and I’m hoping there is something else to come, something that Sam and Dean can actually have a hand in and be heroes again. The problem is is that a lot of people appear to think that this was the best episode of Season 12 so I maybe in the minority! Hopefully though the writers will remember that Supernatural is about the Winchesters and we will get a blast of a finale.

So, 5/10 with extra marks for geek Sammy!!

Onwards and upwards to next week and what might lie in store.