Episode 12.2

‘Mamma Mia’ Review

By Annie Kenney


Ok – let me get the shallow stuff out of the way – the opening scenes of tonight’s episode…wow…just wow! Sam – half naked – and writhing over a mysterious woman (who turns out to be the ever irritating Toni) then lying back and giving us a view of his magnificent chest! Well this is nothing to do with the quality of the acting or the moving on of the plot. I am now purely objectifying Sam! Sorry about that but it had to be done.

So back to this week’s episode proper; I really liked most of it but I did feel slightly let down and disappointed towards the end (but more of that later).

Toni was still torturing Sam both with spells and with large and very painful looking knives. I’m not sure how long Sam had been down there but he was still being terrifically stoic and Jared’s acting was fantastic. I wanted to rush in, punch Toni and rescue Sam but I was pretty certain Dean would do that and, of course, I was proved right.

I’ve surprised myself by really liking Castiel so far this season; for the first time in a long time he has a storyline and he is much more like himself. It is great to see him working with Dean and his mom and it was nice to see Dean asking him for advice. I’m not surprised that Dean feels awkward around his mother. His memories of her (his real memories rather than time travel or fake ones in heaven) are as a four-year-old and I guess he is finding it hard to relate. The conversation they had at the breakfast table was very telling and it was clear that Dean felt bad when Mary was singing John’s praises. Of course she remembers John fondly and never knew him as the driven hunter he became after her untimely demise. Dean knows differently but it is clear he is going to have trouble explaining that one.

It was also shockingly good to see Rowena again and actually feeling some sympathy for her. She clearly wanted out and Crowley dragged her back in. He does indeed have a score to settle with Lucifer but I really don’t think he will be powerful enough to handle him even with Rowena in tow. Their showdown at the end was testament to that.

And so to the new Lucifer and what an excellent performance by Rick Springfield. He had clearly watched Mark’s performance and had it down to perfection.   I really believed that he had possessed poor old Vince and I adore the new addition of the red flashing eyes. While I’m at it can I also say how excited I was by the shadow and the huge black wings. I am really stoked that Lucifer appears to be the big bad this season and I can only hope we have seen the last of the angel and demon feud because it was getting old and boring.

Now to the part where I felt a bit cheated; Dean being captured and dragged down to the dungeon for torture was a bit of a leap. There was no opportunity for a Winchester hug either and Sam’s ‘I thought you were dead’ was a tad feeble under the circumstances. I might be mean spirited but I wanted a massive showdown with Sammy getting his revenge on his torturer. It would have been a bit early but I wanted Toni dead (I know I know – I am bitter and twisted that way). The sudden appearance of Mick and his awful cockney accent was a bit contrived and the fact that Sam and Dean let Toni walk was hard to take. Even harder to take was the cosy pie eating scene in the bunker where neither Mary, Dean or even poor old tortured Sam had a mark on them!! Come on that was really stretching my belief. I even told my husband that I thought Castiel had healed them off screen because it was so unrealistic. It was a shame because, until then, the whole storyline had been pretty tense and very exciting.

Still I was bought around in the end; firstly, by Lucifer getting one over on Crowley and taking Rowena prisoner (not that is going to help his cause much but hey) and secondly Sam bringing Mary tea. It is testament to Jared’s acting skills that he can make Sam come across so small and shy and innocent, a lost little boy face to face with his mom for the first time. Their hug almost (not quite) made up for the lack of a Winchester squeeze and I hope that the writers continue to explore their relationship further.

And so we are left with visons of the evil Mr Ketch with his cross tattoos and ample weapon collection. I am a bit worried for Sam and Dean and I’m also wondering when they will cross Lucifer’s path because that is bound to happen.

All in all, I am really enjoying Season 12; it seems smaller somehow, more focussed and the brothers are together and on the same page. That is always a plus!