Episode 12.20

“Twigs & Twine & Tasha Baines” Review

By Annie Kenney

This was an interesting episode as it was all about, what I consider to be the most important thing in Supernatural — family. It was also a really good episode and I enjoyed it very much. I liked the Baines twins when we met them in “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” and it was good to see them again. There was also a very scary baddie in the creepy old witch (who was also rude and grumpy for good measure) and a fantastic kick ass fight between Mary (yay) and Mr Ketch (boo). So, overall, there was a lot to recommend in this episode.

It was good to see that Sam and Dean were all right after being ‘knocked out’ by Cas in the last few seconds of last week! As usual Sam is trying to be understanding and Dean is very, very angry. There is also the matter of the broken Colt (and when did Sam become such an expert on mending things? (He once mended an air conditioning unit in Season 8 but it is hardly the same!) Anyway, that aside it is always nice to see Sam and Dean on the same page and working together. Also, one of the best lines in the Season came from their exchange about the Baines twins – Sam’s ‘Mom’s on a hunting trip…’ bought back memories of Season One and Dean’s expression said it all.

It was quite sad to see the Winchesters comparing their family lives with the Baines. Seeing Max and Alicia and their mom made the boys wish their family could have been like that. There was also the fact that the twins were inseparable and would do anything for each other (remind you of anyone?)

In the meantime, Mary was discovering that Mr. Ketch wasn’t quite the charming man she thought he was! In fact, she called him a Psychopath and she is probably right. Now she has found poor old Mick (I still miss him) and, more importantly, the photographs of all the American hunters, she realizes that the British Men of Letters are not there to help at all! I think that the Brits want to kill off the American hunters and then move in to do the job themselves (that’s typical of us Brits – power mad). Mary isn’t going to let that happen and her fantastic fight with Ketch had me cheering and willing her on (is it mean to say I particularly liked that she kicked him in the jewels). It was great that she won, but Mr. Ketch proved to be a cowardly cheat and ended up tasering Mary (the only way he could beat her, the wuss)!

Back to the witch and the poor old Baines twins; it was awful when Sam and Dean found their mom but even worse when Alicia got stabbed. Watching Max bring her back to life made me feel really sad – as it reminded me of the lengths Sam and Dean go to – and Dean said as much. I wonder if we will see Max again? He is a great character and has the potential to be either an Ally or an enemy.

So, a good solid 8/10 for this episode – it has gotten the story back on track and it appears that the Winchesters will be fighting both the Brits and Lucifer jr so things could get exciting!

Let’s hope so…