Episode 12.21

‘There’s Something About Mary’ Review

By Annie Kenney

My first question about this episode was, if the British Men of Letters are killing American hunters, why did they not start with Claire?

Ok, before the hate mail starts I am just joking; however, I am serious when I say how angry I am at the writers for killing Eileen. I liked her, just like I liked Mick – why do all the good ones have to die?? It was really sad too and my heart broke for poor old Sam. I really thought there might be a romance between him and our Irish hunter but it was not to be (I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as not many women that Sam takes a fancy to are still alive). Also, Eileen’s death did raise the issue of lazy, lazy writing. Eileen was DEAF, she didn’t use the phone (she actually told Sam that when they first met back in Season 11’s Into the Mystic) so bugging her phone would be absolutely pointless. Ok so they bugged her laptop etc. but it just didn’t ring right to me which is a shame because the episode was good and much better than I expected given what I’d read about it before actually watching it.

As usual I do have my moans; top one being that the Winchesters were side-lined for most of the episode and seem to have lost their way a tad. Sam fared better than Dean in this particular case as he did have Eileen to mourn and he was able to express his emotions. Dean was just left to be angry and to get angrier! However, as the story went on, the Winchesters got increasingly into it and the shoot-out at the end!! Fantastic and as kick ass as any brother fan could want.

Great to see Lucifer back to his smirking, mocking, controlling best and – OMG – he killed Crowley!! (no, he didn’t really – hands up who was watching that convenient rat!) However, Lucifer is free and going after his progeny which means trouble for Castiel and anyone else who happens to be around at the time. We still don’t know what Lucifer Jr.’s end game is but things are certainly getting tense!

I may be alone in this but I really love the British Men of Letters and their Thatcher like boss. Ketch was as slimy as they come this week (and how the hell did he train a hell hound??) He did appear to have some sympathy for Mary but that was obviously just a passing second. His interaction with Lady Toni is excellent (and why isn’t Lady Toni dead yet?) and he is a really good (excuse the pun) baddie. I am worried for the rest of the American hunters – particularly Jody as she was mentioned by name (but not Claire lol). Seriously it appears that the British are going to get their way but somehow, I doubt that will be the case.

And poor Mary; I don’t think this story is going to have a happy ending somehow and it makes me sad, especially for Dean, who loves his mom so much and has never seen anything bad in her having looked at her memory through rose-colored glasses the past 11 seasons. At the moment, she seems a lost cause and I can’t imagine how she is going to get out of this one.

Talking about getting out…how the hell are Sam and Dean going to escape the bunker tomb? They can’t use Billie this time (dead) or Death (also dead), Cas is off with Kelly and Lucifer jr, Crowley is a rat and their mom is brainwashed. I hope there is a secret way out that only the Winchesters know about… and I started to feel worried and tense for the first time all season.

So, we are heading for a corker of a two-parter next week and I hope we are not disappointed. There aren’t as many complicated storylines this time around but there are still a lot of loose ends to tie up. I am actually looking forward to it now and feel as if the season is coming to a satisfying end.

So, 8/10 for this week with an extra mark for teary eyed Sam (I love that version). On we go into the Season finale and – know what – I have no clue as to what is going to happen…