Episode 12.5

‘The One You’ve Been Waiting For’ Review

By Annie Kenney


After last week’s dark and, frankly, disturbing episode this weeks was – to be honest – fairly light, but that isn’t to say it wasn’t enjoyable and, joy of all joys, it featured just Sam and Dean and Baby – in my opinion – the best hunting trio in the business!

I must confess right now that I am not a great fan of Nazis and the Thule. The last episode to feature both (The Vessel) was pretty boring and didn’t go anywhere. However, this episode was much more entertaining and, despite its rather serious subject matter, turned out to be very funny.


The highlight from me (apart from Hitler but more of that later) was the brother’s relationship. Sam and Dean are definitely back on track and seem to be more together than they have been in years. So, there is the small fact that Dean still won’t discuss Mom leaving and the fact he is clearly off his food (he turned down pie) but apart from this the Winchester’s are working together again and everything is right with the world. I loved that Dean was full of wise ass remarks and that Sam is a Harry Potter geek, I liked them bickering together like an old married couple and it was good to see Sam beating on someone without getting knocked out and tied up. The first time that has happened in four episodes.


So, what didn’t I like; to be honest Ellie was annoying rather than sympathetic and, while I felt sorry for her, I wasn’t sad to see her go. The Thule commander’s son was a bit of a McGuffin and the plot was flimsy. It would have been nice to see Adam Rose have a bigger part (and to have seen the Golem again) but maybe next time.

However, it was the finale and the portrayal of Hitler that was the highpoint for me. I wasn’t sure if the show would go there but I’m glad they did. Of course, we all know that, historically, Hitler was a frightening, murderous dictator and it would have been easy to make him a terrifying figure. But like Lucifer before him Hitler was given a sense of – well – fun and that made for funny ten minutes. The actor who played him played him just right and I liked his madness and his love of ‘doggies’. Brilliant idea to have Dean shoot him in the head too. It had to be Dean and Sam’s reaction was spot on. Great to see that, at the end, killing Hitler got Dean back on track and that he was ready to eat some pie again. Sam’s resignation that he would never hear the last of ‘I killed Hitler’ made me laugh and it was good to see the episode end on such a positive note.

So not the deepest or the most well written of episodes but excellent in terms of brotherly banter, insane Fuhrer and some laugh out loud moments! I just hope that the show stays on this path, small and intimate with less characters and more brother moments. I can’t say I’ve honestly missed those pesky angels or demons so – fingers crossed – they stay gone!