Episode 12.7

‘Rock Never Dies’ Review

By Annie Kenney


After ‘Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox’ this episode was always going to have a lot to live up to but it tried its very hardest and, while in no way a classic, it was still fun, entertaining and, like most of the episodes this season, it was on a much smaller scale than the all-out battles of Season 11. And, surprise, surprise, even though Crowley and Castiel were back I was actually quite pleased to see them!


So, the Winchesters were off to LA; while we saw lots of pictures of tourist spots I’m fairly certain that they didn’t get any further than Vancouver! To be serious I love the show for that very reason. There has never been a lot of money thrown at it but it still manages to travel the length and breadth of America without leaving Canada and the location crew should be given their full credit.

I liked what this episode was trying to say, it was interesting to see Lucifer desperate to be worshiped and adored. The opening scene with the Satanists was funny and worked well. Lucifer is, and always has been, an excellent villain, evil and witty, amusing and terrifying. From the moment, he was introduced he has been one of my favorite characters and it is nice to have him back as the ‘big bad’ this season. (Well I’m guessing it is him because there doesn’t seem to be any other candidates as yet). I also liked the concept that he is more dangerous because he doesn’t have a particular plan and the fact that everyone is getting together to get rid of him. He really is a mutual enemy of all the important Supernatural characters.

Some nice interaction between the brothers this week too; Dean playing Words with Friends with his mom and Sam teasing him because of it. Sam pretending, he was listening to a historical podcast and really listening to hair rock. I love it when the Winchesters are on the same page and it is lovely to see them as brothers and friends rather than constantly feuding. I hope that this brotherly bonding continues right on till the end of the Season and beyond. This is what we, as fans, tune in for and it’s great that the writers are actually giving it to us.


I’m also admitting to liking Castiel this season. At last he has a purpose and is interesting again! His buddy comedy moments with Crowley are a delight and listening to him moan about traveling with the King of Hell was most entertaining. The writers seem to have finally found something meaningful for Cas to do.

The whole episode see-sawed between funny and frightening. Despite the fact, he is often portrayed as wise cracking Lucifer makes me feel uneasy and you never know what he is going to do next. He seems to have been snapping necks for amusement in this episode and I felt sorry for Vince’s friend who finally got his towards the end. The scene in the nightclub reminded me of some of the gigs I’ve been to in these small clubs. The fanatics worshiping Vince without him even playing a note and the way that his publicist was selling him as some sort of God (if only she knew). The whole thing became very dark when Lucifer asked that poor girl to cut herself for him and it was interesting to see how the show portrayed obsessive fans (I just hope that this wasn’t a nod towards the Supernatural fandom – because we are mad but not that mad!).


The very last scene was a total change of mood; it was refreshing to see things from Sam’s point of view at last. It is easy to see why Sam is so disturbed by everything Lucifer does. Sam let him out the first time and even helped him the second time. Even though God and Lucifer made up Lucifer has not changed and, deep down, Sam fears the devil. I am right there with him and it concerns me that Lucifer might still want Sam as his vessel.

So, Lucifer is moving up. Where to next? It is clear he is going to find a vessel who inspires worship and admiration in some way and it will be interesting to see who he chooses. I love the slow build in Season 12 and I’m hoping that it continues along this almost leisurely path. It reminds me of the earlier seasons and that isn’t a bad thing.

A good, solid 7/10 episode and onwards we go towards – and I can’t believe we are there already – the midseason finale. What will happen? Who knows but I can’t wait to find out!