Episodes 12.22 and 12.23 – Two-hour season finale!

‘Who We Are & All Along the Watchtower’ Review

By Annie Kenney

I spent the night before the Supernatural finale watching my football team collapse to a 6 – 1 defeat against one of our most hated rivals! It was wet, cold, and traumatic, but it was a virtual picnic against the angst and tears of this two-part finale!

What a tremendous finale – both parts – and it is hard for me to begin. Usually I like parts and hate parts but – to be fair – I really loved every single minute of the two parts and I cannot quite believe what I have seen…

Let’s start at the start! The Winchesters trapped in the dark, airless bunker with Lady Toni and trying desperately to get out. Spells were ineffective and so Sam and Dean decided to use brute force. So, this bit is a tad shallow but I really enjoyed seeing Sam and Dean stripped off to their tee-shirts all sweaty and masculine (calm down girl)! However, my admiration of their bodies was soon over when they sat down and started to talk – first tears of the evening (but not the last). Sam’s confession that he found the idea of following easier than leading made me feel quite upset. It really defined Sam’s character for me and Jared was fantastic. Then Dean’s talk about going out in a blaze of glory – well we always knew that’s how he felt – but to hear him actually say it was wonderful.

And then Dean found his ‘blaze of glory’ and nearly bought the whole bunker down!! Sam’s distress when he went looking for Dean and his joy when he found him was great to watch and it was the brothers Winchester together – my favorite flavor!

Meanwhile, Mary is off killing hunters and arrives to see off Jody! Well she picked on the wrong person there. Good to see Jody is as kick ass as ever and kudos to Alex for arriving just in time. After this was the only real ‘what?’ of the episode and that was the number of American hunters that Sam and Dean managed to get together. Were the rest really all dead??? There didn’t seem to be very many but I guess there are budgetary requirements. Nice to see Roy & Walt again though.

And so, to the second round of sobbing; Sam’s speech – and how wonderful to actually see Sam get a speech! It was moving and it was inspiring and I wanted to get up and follow him (our team could have done with him in the dressing room at half-time…). Then Dean decided to stay and cure Mary and I started screaming at the TV as I didn’t want the brothers to separate but, in the end, it was the right thing to do and it just ramped up the tension.

The action then split and we saw the American hunters take down the Brits (YAY) and Dean go into Mary’s mind. Cue third round of sobbing – thank you Jensen for breaking what was left of my fragile heart – watching him talk to Mary and having him tell her what he had been to Sam over the years was just incredible. The baby was super sweet which helped and I was so relieved when Mary turned around only for Dean to be ripped out of her mind by Ketch. I must confess that I got a bit of a pang when Lady Bevil was finally killed as her speech about seeing her son again had softened my heart towards her.

So, to the beat down. Dean vs. Ketch and Sam vs. wicked old British leader. Neither of the baddies came out of this in one piece and I cannot begin to describe the cheers of joy when Mary shot Ketch and Jody shot evil Brit!! However, the revelation that Lucifer was free and on his way to get his son was rather alarming.

If the season – nay the series – had ended then I wouldn’t have minded. All three surviving Winchesters hugging it out. Tearful and overwhelming, but satisfying. The Brits blown to pieces (as a Brit is was a tad upsetting but hey ho) and all right with the world! But it was not to be and on we must go to part 2.

Let me say now that other dimensions (of the Supernatural universe) have been done a lot in fan fiction (and very well I may add) as well as on the show itself, so it wasn’t a great stretch to believe that there could be one but – wow – I never thought the show would go there and it was awesome!!!

It was good to see Castiel looking after Kelly and I was really starting to warm to Kelly too. All she wanted was to do something for her baby and she couldn’t even make him a crib (because she didn’t have all the parts and hand’s up who hasn’t been there??) It was nice to have a bit of humor too, with Cas doing classes on line and learning that everything poops! He has bought a lot of nappies (diapers) and – given how the finale ended – we may need them.

Meanwhile Sam and Dean and Mary are looking for a way of getting rid of Lucifer and contact Rowena and get Lucifer instead (I love Mark Pellegrino so much). Now is Rowena really dead? She certainly looked it, but the burnt corpse and a few strands of red hair don’t mean anything…me thinks she will be back. Just as Sam and Dean are going to panic a bit (just a bit) Crowley shows up and confesses to hiding in a rat (no surprise there then). He makes an offer that neither Sam or Dean can refuse and it looks like the gates of Hell are going to be closed (or are they?) Meanwhile Cas goes into the alternative universe and – for a start – I thought it was Purgatory and the mystery person was Benny. Then when I heard it was an alternate universe I thought that maybe the person was an alternate Sam or Dean, but boy was I wrong! Bobby makes his usual season appearance (they left it late this year) and it was great to see him again.

And then it all turns very dramatic and shocking and my mouth stayed gaping for about 30 minutes! First, we see Kelly giving birth with help from Mary, then we see Lucifer turn up and then everyone falls into the alternative universe. Watching Dean blast Luci was about the highest point but then it all went pear-shaped and – oh my Chuck – I didn’t see a lot of it coming – I really, really didn’t…

When the dust cleared, we were left with – well – two well-loved characters pretty damn dead, one mom and one Lucifer in the alternative universe and – in my opinion – one of the most terrifying endings I have ever seen on Supernatural or anything else for that matter. Sam following those large footprints that could not have come from a baby, the dark room, and that thing with the glowing eyes…I must say I was unsettled and cannot wait till October (although I fear the theories will start long, long before then).

I have to say that – although they are fan faves – it would be wrong to bring both Crowley and Cas back to life. I was shocked and upset to see Crowley go, but he has run his course and he sacrificed himself for the greater good. If he came back now it would ruin that sacrifice and make all that went before pointless. As for Castiel – I don’t see how they can, but I think they will – and I have a feeling that ‘Jack’ (and what a silly name for something so dramatic as Satan Jr.) will have a part to play in it – but what do I know. Personally, I would prefer he stays dead, but my view is not the view of others so please don’t attack me!

So, 10/10 for both episodes – great writing, fantastic acting, wonderful TV from a series that has been airing for 13 years! I cannot wait for next season and I must confess that I was bought around in the last three episodes really as before that it all seemed so ‘meh.’

Here’s to Season 13 folks!