Episode 6.12

“Like a Virgin” (AKA: How to Train Your Dragon) Review
By Bekah James

I understand there is some sort of football game that is causing some excitement in the U.S., but I think I speak for us all when I say the return of Supernatural eclipses any silly football game. After the pre-emption heard around the world, and an unbearably long winter hellatus, the boys are back in action!

There is only one place to start this thing off: The return of Sammy’s soul! We have Season 1 (and 2)’s Sam back people. Can I get an amen?… or a FTW if you prefer? I don’t know if I’ve been this excited since Sam appeared under the street light after riding Lucifer down in S5’s “Swan Song.” I was a little apprehensive after Cas’s description of Sam’s flambéed soul, but had to give a good ol’ Southern-style “whoohoo!” when Sam appeared in Bobby’s study with his puppy eyes on full display. And the brotherly hug! You guys… after two solid Seasons, we were rewarded with a full on Winchesterian brotherly hug (not counting the soulless and therefore irrelevant hug in 6.01). It was so good x infinity to see the boys’ relationship repaired.


There’s always a but with the Winchesters, right?

I groaned and gnashed my teeth when Dean lied to Sam about the fact that he had been in the Cage for over a year. Come on! The lies, man, the lies always lead somewhere ugly for these guys. I totally get why Dean lied, really I do, but did he truly believe Sam would never find out the truth? How many people knew Sam’s condition? Grandpa McCreeptastic, the Campbell soup brigade, Meg (and every single demon in the world), Castiel, Bobby… anyone could let it slip, or in the case of enemies, use the knowledge as a weapon. And—oh look at that—I was right. Cas let the monster out of the bag. And about that. Dean couldn’t have spared five seconds to shoot Cas a text/prayer? You know, something along the lines of “hey, Cas, I’m a big fat liar pants who still hasn’t learned that lying to Sam leads to disaster, so if you could do me a solid and not tell him about that whole lack of soul fiasco, that’d be awesome.” Or, you know, something.

Speaking of Cas. Yay. I always enjoy Cas and Dean bickering like an old married couple. It is easy to forget how powerful and knowledgeable Cas is until he goes and sticks his arm into someone’s chest. (The writers sure do like that trick, don’t they?) His almost hug with Sam cracked me up. It’s funny to me that Cas, stoic tax accountant of the Lord, is such a comedic treasure chest. Misha Collins deserves all of the Minions he has accumulated; he is masterful.

Now that I’ve brought up masterful acting, I have to turn my attention to Jared Padalecki. I always knew he was good, but S6 has convinced me that he is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood today. He has had to completely reinvent Sam Winchester this Season, and now, just as he settles into RoboSam, the writers thrust him back into Care Bear Sam. I was amazed at how effortless it looked for him to step back into that role. The first line he spoke in this episode made me exhausted. I didn’t understand it at first, but then it hit me. It was the release of adrenaline I’d been holding on to since the credits for Smallville rolled. I was worried about what kind of Sam I’d be seeing this week. Every muscle in my body was tense and ready to react. His slightly crumpled expression and the warmth in his eyes made my whole body go siiiiiigh. My Sam is back; and Jared is a god amongst men.

And Dean! Come on now. It’s ridiculous how wonderful Jensen Ackles is. It is impossible to not adore the guy. It was lovely to see his carefree Dean smile back. He, like Jared, slid so easily into S1’s jokey and slightly inappropriate Dean. I am always astounded by his ability to carry a scene on his facial expressions and comedic timing. I giggle like an idiot watching him try to pull that sword out of the rock. He was perfect and if he doesn’t win TVGuide’s Fan Favorite Award in the Best Actor category, there’s something wrong with this world. (Go vote here: GO FORTH AND VOTE HERE Supernatural also appears in the Favorite Sci-Fi Show, Favorite Non-Human character (Castiel) and Favorite Villain (Crowley and Lucifer) categories.