Episode 6.15P – Preview!

Special Preview of “The French Mistake”
By Bekah James

You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS. Are you ready for an hour of epic awesomeness on Friday night? If not, you better get that way with a quickness! Be sure you stretch out before you watch this week’s Supernatural episode, “The French Mistake,” or else you might pull a gut muscle.

Unless you live in purgatory, you’ve probably heard the premise of this meta episode. The Winchesters, thanks to the creative thinking of Balthazar, wind up in an alternate universe where they are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, stars on the low rated “Supernatural” TV show. Cue the hilarity!

All of the familiar names come to life in this episode: Bob Singer, Eric Kripke, Clif the Bodyguard, Sera Gamble, etc. These folks have proven just how great their senses of humor are as they are lovingly mocked throughout the hour. Sera especially gets mad props for the pointed jabs taken directly from certain fan sites. You go girl!

There’s a new angel in town! Virgil, who is Heaven’s “Weapon Keeper” (FTW!), is like a very scary Javier Bardem from “No Country for Old Men.” He managed to bring a little levity to this otherwise raucous episode.

Ruby is back! Well, Genevieve Padalecki is. She rocked as, uh, herself. How she managed to keep a straight face while talking about the Otter Adoption Charity is beyond me. Or her line about , oh god, a freakin’ alpaca. Dear Lord, I had to pause in order to roll around on the floor. Misha Collins was absolutely uproarious as himself. He played up his issues-consciousness and Twitter obsession with alacrity. When he tweeted about “J Squared” I thought I was going to choke to death on my hot chocolate. And you guys have heard about Misha’s atrocious sweater choices, yeah? Well, they pull out a doozie. I was a little concerned about his questionable There’s Something About Mary bang swoopy thing, but hey, haven’t we all learned to never expect the expected from Misha?

Jared and Jensen absolutely SHINE in this. Their faces are priceless. Their acting is horrendous. The scene that has them acting as Sam and Dean… acting as Jared and Jensen… acting as Sam and Dean… my God. There are no words for the awesomeness.

The set designers must have had a fantastic time creating a set within a set. The little touches they added (the décor in Jared’s house, Jensen’s trailer) made me want to issue high fives to the whole darn department. Keep an eye on the background for some truly entertaining slices of heavenly humor (ESPECIALLY behind Jared when he’s on his computer at home… omg, lolololol).

Ben Edlund, who wrote this episode, is a certifiable nut. Or genius. I can’t quite tell. Whatever he is… I worship at his writerly alter.

Also, Charles Beeson, who directed my former favorite “Changing Channels” took the helm here, too. Note that I said ‘former favorite’? Yeeeeah. “The French Mistake” has just been crowned winner and well-deserved champion.

Sometimes, it just all comes together, you know? Call it kismet. Call it PERFECTION. Call it “The French Mistake”.

Check out Supernatural this Friday at 9pm on The CW.

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