Episode 6.16

“And Then There Were None” Review
By Bekah James

Oh happy day! Grandpa Creepy Pants has been vanquished (I’ve always wanted to use the word vanquished… check that off my bucket list). We’ve long known that someone was biting the big one in this week’s “…And Then There Were None”, but we didn’t know that the title foreshadowed several big ones bitten. With the fall of Samuel and Gwen Campbell, the Campbell Soup Brigade has been obliterated. Booyah.

Sadly, Rufus, the snarky and quick witted hunter with a penchant for Johnny Walker Blue Label bit the aforementioned big one, too. I liked Rufus from the first time we saw his porch in Season 3’s “Time Is On My Side”, and I loved him from this Season’s “Weekend At Bobby’s”. Steven Williams (another throwback from Kim Manners’ X-Files days) played Rufus Turner with panache and I will miss his sporadic appearances muchly.

I highly enjoyed the interaction between Bobby (who was looking dashing in his suit and trimmed beard) and Rufus. They are such an odd couple, but it works well. When Rufus asked Bobby if he had a cranial saw in his truck and Bobby responded with an offended “of course I do!”… well, I just laughed and laughed. Rufus also gave us a little deeper insight on Bobby’s history. He was the hunter who saved Bobby’s life and sent the demon possessing Bobby’s wife packing so many years ago. In a rare bit of caring from a hunter (any hunter), Rufus took Bobby on the road with him and taught him how to fight the things that go bump in the night. That explains their closeness. But hearing that something tragic went down in Omaha, and that Rufus would never forgive Bobby… well, that just opened a can of worms in my curious little brain. Leave it to writer, Brett Matthews, to dangle a juicy morsel in front of us fans only to snatch away the direct source of information!

I was very happy to see the return of Mother of Whatever the Hell (thanks Rufus!). Let’s get this arc amped up, people. In this episode, Julia Maxwell played Mother (aka: Eve) excellently, proving once and for all that she has the chops necessary to pull off the innocent evil of Mother. She is like a female Lucifer, all kind-acting and composed. Not at all what you’d expect from an eeeeevil villain bent on destroying humankind. She was just the right amount of creeptastic that I don’t hate her… yet. In fact, I can’t wait to see what kind of mayhem she’s going to create for our boys.

The brotherly vibe was turned to 11 in this episode. They were there for each other. They were protecting each other. They supported each other’s decisions. They believed in each other. Dear Lord, what a lovely thing to see. Sam was even on board with killing Samuel… when the time was right. Color me shocked that it was Sam who ended up shooting Samuel (although it was ultimately a live wire that killed him dead-dead). I kinda wanted it to be Dean who took the shot, after all the BS Samuel has put him through, he deserved the (almost) kill shot.

There were a few things in this episode that I appreciated just for the sake of their individual awesomoness. First: Rufus saying that Dean was “goo positive.” Second: Sam saying (about Dean killing Grandpa Creepy Pants) “I’m not saying don’t; I’m saying not yet.” Third: Sam’s matter-of-fact promise to put a bullet in Samuel’s head if they didn’t find Dean alive. Fourth: Sam telling Samuel “I wouldn’t go with the family thing” when Samuel is wheedling for his life. Fifth: The sheer bad assery of the hunters shocking the daylights out of themselves with a live wire. Sixth: Bobby’s Khan Worm voice. It was… creepy!

This week was MOTW done right. The Khan Worm (as dubbed by the hunters) was creepy and relevant to the overall story arc of the Season. I never realized that I have a worm-in-the-ear-phobia before, so thanks for that Brett! Now that Mother has slapped the boys with her white glove and challenged to a duel at sunrise, I am excited to see how this is resolved. It doesn’t feel as urgent as the Apocalypse, but hey, I am familiar with that concept, so I think that just felt more… real. I can distance myself from Mother a bit more. I’m not worried though. By the Season finale, I will be gripping the edge of my seat as if letting go would mean plummeting into Purgatory to serve tea to Mother. I just can’t wait!

Bekah’s Been Drinking Again

Well, I went with Thoughtful Profile, but meh. Not a lot going on this week. I started drinking for every time they talked about or saw the worm. That let me lift my glass a bit more, yay! Next time we meet (April 15th… woe!), let’s go ahead and drink for every Old West-ism we see (you know, Old West music, chaps, hats, twangs…).

Hope you all survive the break. Maybe now is the time to finally check out Misha’s “Stonehenge Apocalypse”… out on DVD now!