Episode 6.17

“My Heart Will Go On” Review
By Bekah James

Welcome back, Supernatural fans! The spring hellatus is officially over and we are back with… another alternate universe (AU) episode. ‘Tis the Season for time travel and AUs, huh? Next week is the much-talked about Old West way-back-when episode. My question is this… why? We are nearly at the end of Season 6 and we have not had many (nay, most) of our questions answered. And we still have no word of Season 7 renewal. I’m starting to get nervous!

I am a fan of the squirmy feeling I get from Final Destination-esque situations. They make me sweat and wonder about the several times I’ve almost fallen down stairs or avoided car crashes. The thought of a Fate (who eerily resembles Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde) freaks me out a little. The garage scene got my heart going; the Winchesters pulling out of Bobby’s in a ’65 Ford Mustang (rocking the original KAZ 2Y5 plates!) made it screech to a halt. Of note here: Kripke originally wanted Dean in a ’65 Mustang, so here go continued props to our Maker!

Sam and Dean reminded me so much of Season One’s Sam and Dean. They were a little rough and a little bumbly. Maybe it was just the writing, but I was surprised by it. Instead of going in balls to the walls as a law enforcement (un)official investigating the bizarre interrelated deaths, Dean presents himself as a freakin’ interviewer for a genealogy project or some such crap. No wonder Shawn Russo didn’t take him or his questions seriously. Any ties to the Nazi Party? Piss off a gypsy? Har, har. Also, LAMO at Dean throwing scissors. That right there was my first clue that something was terribly wrong in the world as we know it.

After Bobby’s Season 5 efforts to save his undead wife, Karen, I wasn’t shocked that he would choose to keep Ellen and Jo alive, even if it cost the lives of 50,000+ people. It was a bracing moment for me that made me consider how any of us would react if we had to make such an awful decision. But Bobby had to know, there’s just no stopping Fate (or Atropos, as she is called by her friends). I loved the table scene between Ellen and Bobby, where Director, Phil Sgriccia, used tight shots on their eyes to really draw us in and feel their pain. The man is a genius, I swear to it.

The recurring theme of the difference between dying and never having been born was interesting and brought up memories of Season 5’s “The Song Remains the Same”.

Let’s talk Heavenly Civil War. This concept was an awesome idea, so kudos to the person responsible for it. Of course Heaven is at war—the idea of Free Will made sure of that. Angels were created for battle, so when there is a difference of opinions, pointy silver swords are drawn and EN GUARDE! the place falls to pieces. I am looking forward to getting an insider’s look at exactly what’s been going on upstairs that has repeatedly drawn the boys into these time travel and AU games. Frankly, I’m surprised Dean hasn’t tried to punch Cas for keeping it all mum. Seriously… how hard could it be to Holy Oil him? They are friends, yeah? Cas would never see it coming. (Okay, okay, I know that is a rotten idea, but I need some answers STAT.)

Speaking of angels, I love Sebastian Roche and his take on Balthazar. Smarmy and always quick with a sarcastic one-liner, he is a great replacement for Richard Speight, Jr.’s Gabriel (although I miss Gabriel LIKE WHOA). His line to Dean about Cas being in love with him made me nearly wet my pants. Hilarious… but I didn’t expect him to be quite the troublemaker he’s become as of late. Unsinking the darn Titanic under the allegation that Celine Dion made him do it? Gabriel would be proud.

You guys know I love Castiel like Sam or Dean, right? Well, I’m a tad concerned about the direction the producers/writers/Sera seem to be taking him. He is making choices that seem to contradict all of my knowledge of him as an angel and honorary Winchester. I infer that he ordered the unsinking of the Titantic, and he definitely wanted to keep it unsunk. It seems Heaven’s war machine soul-tank was on E and he was looking for a quick fill-up. But… what? Will someoneplease tell us what the heck is up with all the soul talk and trading this year? Death? Atropos? Balty? CASTIEL? Come on guys; let the rest of us in on your dirty little secret.

I have a little more on Castiel (now that I’ve watched it again). I am curious to have your input. Do you think Castiel felt badly about lying because he was lying to Dean or because of what he was lying about? Do you think he is now dealing with the emotional fall out of the decisions he’s made in this war? He clearly believes free will/ freedom is worth fighting for, but maybe he is starting to understand the consequences of his actions. Lastly, why do you think he wanted Dean and Sam to understand what Fate is like? I am afraid it has everything to do with Sam’s soul and the Great Wall of Sam. Cue mysterious music.

This episode was a good way to come out of hiatus, especially when you focus on its stand alone episode qualities. It was a great story with an angsty wrap up. The Winchesters waking up in the Impala (thank Chuck!) and remembering the entire experience was perfect end-of-episode-lean-on-the-Impala-and-talk-about-their-feelings material. With bonus Cas confessional and bad lying, FTW.

So, Sera, between you and me… good job on this one, but let’s get on with the nuts and bolts now. Keep us in the present and keep us in our own world and give us some damn answers! Kthxbai!

Bekah’s Been Drinking Again

Well, I got my episode count wrong. I had anticipated the Old West episode was the one first up to bat after hiatus. Whoopsy. Since I didn’t have a pre-planned drinking, uh, plan, I just celebrated with a little sip every time I got all choked up with happiness that my boys are back. I ended up turning into A Woo-Hoo Girl. You know the Woo-Hoo Girl… you’ve heard them at concerts around the world. Yeah. That’s how stoked I was. So, next week, let’s go ahead and drink for every Old West-ism we see (you know, Old West music, chaps, hats, twangs…).