Episode 6.4

“Weekend at Bobby’s” Review
By Bekah James

I was looking forward to this episode for three reasons: Crowley! Jensen directing! New episode (I’m not picky)! What I failed to anticipate was the gaping hole that was the absence of the Winchester boys. I cannot recall any other episode that was so lacking in that department… with good reason. The episode fell flat for me. I love Bobby Singer like I love my favorite flannel PJ pants, but without my raggedy U of W sweatshirt and fuzzy Slytherin socks, well, they just aren’t as comfy, you know?

Jim Beaver rocked the ever lovin’ (fuzzy) socks off in this episode. I did enjoy seeing inside Bobby Singer’s Bat Cave (Bob Cave?) and getting a look at how he comes up with the answers he so readily provides the Winchesters. I died laughing when he broke into the library and everytime he said “balls!” I think that might be my new favorite saying. I had no idea Bobby was the go-to phone guy for other hunters, but now that I think about it, it makes sense, especially since he was confined to a wheelchair for a few months. I wonder if he’s going to continue in that role now that he has his legs back for good. Considering how long it took the poor man to finally get a bite of peach cobbler, he may want to put an ad on Craigslist for a secretary with a blind eye to crazy.

The real meat of this episode, for me, was the repartee between Bobby and Crowley, Rufus, Sheriff Mills, Marcy the Flirty Neighbor, and The Boys. His interaction with Rufus (Steven Williams) was reminescent of “Grumpy Old Men”. I’m not sure I bought Rufus as a “duh!” kind of guy, but as this episode was written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin (“Changing Channels” and “After School Special”), I let it slide. Besides, the exchange between Bobby and Rufus as they discuss the exact way to kill an okami more than made up for the “duh”. Hilarious! I like Sheriff Mills as a recurring character, particularly considering her blase manner when Bobby tells her that he has not one, but TWO DBs lying around. Plus, she busted Rufus out of the clink, booyah!

I thought Dean was a dick when he called Bobby selfish. I cheered when Bobby chewed him and Sam a new one. I welcomed their presence, even if the moment was a bit phoned-in by Jensen and Jared. I was impressed that Dean so willingly crossed the Atlantic for Bobby, considering his intense fear of flying. I adored Dean’s line about flicking his Bic for Crowley, as well as his “I had a fork”. It was intriguing that Sam refused to burn Crowley/ Fergus McLeod’s bones for the sake of keeping a deal… with a demon. I’m on the fence as to whether this is new Sam or old Sam. Would he have kept that deal in Season Two? Season Five? I’m not sure… what do you think? Oh, and how about that Yugo The Boys were crammed in during their stint in Scotland? I laughed out loud over that one!

Mark A. Shepherd as Crowley was masterful. His mocking imitation of Bobby was chocked full of win. I think his “idjit” is going to be my new text notification! I kind of love that he’s King of Hell (talk about kick ass job title!), almost as much as I love that he sold his soul to a demon for an extra three inches beneath the kilt. It was an interesting addition to the mythology that demons can be ganked by burning their original bones. VERY interesting and I can’t wait to see how they use that in the future.

I think Jensen did an admirable job in his directorial debut. I would welcome a Jensen-directed episode wherein he gets to guide Jared and Misha. I’m curious to see how he would make Sam and Castiel different… or the same. I could see his potential, particularly when it came to showing a touch of humor. I point to Crowley’s imitation of Bobby’s accent, Bobby falling through the window, the entire peach cobbler thing and Bobby’s mumbled and off-handed “balls!” How would he handle a script packed with angst or horror? I say give him a chance!

The music department slayed me this week. I am a fan of the silly background tracks added to show the audience that, yes, it is okay to laugh at our favorite characters’ over-the-top woes. I daresay Supernatural’s music gurus are amongst the best in television today. Kudos, guys/gals!

All in all, I liked “Weekend at Bobby’s”, but I am eager to get back on track with next week’s episode. I hope Sera doesn’t deprive us of The Boys again. This show is carried on the backs of Dean and Sam (and Cas!); it is what brings us fans back week after week. If I had been a first time viewer, I’m not certain I would set my DVR for next week’s episode. Sorry, Sera.

Bekah’s Been Drinkin’ (Bobby’s Rotgut):

I drank whenever I heard a Bobbyism. It was a bit of a grayscale, as almost everything sounds like a Bobbyism with the right emphasis and accent. I settled on 15 instances of valid Bobbyisms. How many did you catch?

Join me in the drinking fun next week. Take a shot/swig/sip everytime you see BLOOD on the screen. And next week… there are VAMPIRES, so you may want to water down your Bloodtini!