Episode 7.14

“Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie” Review
By Bekah James

Supernatural 7.14: Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie

Written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin

Directed by Mike Rohl

So, when I saw that we were revisiting clowns, I died a little on the inside. I don’t suffer from coulrophobia, but I’m pretty sure no one likes to see an evil Bozo on the loose. Also, I was anticipating a horrifically cheesy episode on par with that episode with Paris Hilton in it… I’ve blocked the title forever from my mind.

Jared made me laugh with his understated reaction to the mention of Plucky in the beginning. He was absolutely adorable and I felt for Sam and his fear. It has always struck me as hilarious that the big, burly hunter is afraid of clowns, regardless of Dean’s assurance that “99.99% of all clowns cannot hurt you. “ It makes him a bit more human, don’t you think? The same can be said of Dean and his love of Shark Week. Seriously, who doesn’t eagerly await Shark Week every year?

Seeing Jared break out his Blue Steele face during the interrogation of Howard made me giggle. But Howard himself? Not so much. In fact, perhaps the creepiest part of this episode was Howard, played by Michael Beck. (Point of interest here: Michael Beck is the husband of Julie McNiven, who played the angel Anna.) I should have known as soon as Howard made his first appearance that he was the bad guy. I mean, come on, who is that perky? And really, LOL at Howard holding a gun and saying “that B-word”. We haven’t seen good hoodoo in a while, so it was cool to see it at work in a location that is so… I hesitate to use the word innocent here.

For the record, only the writers of Supernatural could make anything relating to an Amber Alert funny to me. Or come up with Seabiscuit the Impaler, which had me doubled over laughing. Thanks to Dabb and Loflin, here’s proof that not only unicorns do exist, but they shoot rainbows out of their ass. Way to go full circle guys, with the reference to 2×13 (“Houses of the Holy”).

The 24-esque countdown clock worried me at first. Had the episode not gone the way of amusing, it just would not have worked for me. As it was, the “RIGHT FRIGGIN’ NOW” had me close to tears. The humor and good grace of this show, these producers, these actors, these writers, this director… has there been any more delightful blend in television EVER? I challenge you to present your argument for a show more magical in its concept and delivery.

My first thought about the CGI/special effects this week was: “Huh. Clowns with bad make up and worse teeth. The art department is having an easy week.” And then the aforementioned unicorn and its trail of rainbows happened. That was probably not terribly difficult, but I bet it was terrific fun. The rest of the gags, especially the hickied up guy in the beginning, were high class.

Mike Rohl, director of two of my personal favorite episodes (4×16 “On The Head Of A Pin” and 5×14 “My Bloody Valentine”), as well as a slew of other gems, gave us one of the most amazing chase scenes in Supernatural history. The headless, rotund (and obviously a little high) lion running from Dean was outstanding. I’m not sure how Jensen and Dagan Nish, who played Cliff, filmed that scene without dissolving into manly fits of giggles. It was so Reno 911. And, hey Mr. Rohl, thank you everso for the hoodoo clowns beating the crap out of Sam exploding into glitter when Howard died; it was a beautiful and fantastic moment in TV history. I was not expecting it and as such, spewed a little vodka out of my nose. And if I may, sending Sam back to Dean at Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie still covered in glitter and bits of white face paint… brilliant decision. (When did this become an open letter to Mike Rohl? Whatever; I’m going with it.) Mr. Rohl I adored Dean’s childish delight at the giant slinky. I adored even more the end of episode (Faux) Impala chat, in which Sam gifted Dean with said slinky. So sweet… and it was just perfect for Dean to give Sam a stuffed clown. All in all, it was very amusing.

Here we are, 14 episodes into a Season that has tried to kill me. We are a few weeks out from any real progress on the Leviathan, but according to the preview for next week, looks like we are getting a healthy dose of mythology. Maybe we are building up to the episode that I accidentally read about, but dare not refer to… I’m beside myself with anticipation! I hope the momentum continues and there is no fumble on the pass between MOTW and mythology. Come on, World’s Greatest Cast and Crew, don’t let me down now!

Bekah’s BACK to Drinking

After two solid months of teetotality, I officially swan dived off the wagon on Friday. I drank to every clown image I saw. Eventually, LOL, I had to tone it down to one clown image per scene. I had to start slow, right? Anyway, I counted 29 clownly images. Well, if you counted, you might have found less. I took about 5 shots for the animatronics Plucky just inside the Menagerie’s door. Man, that thing was freaky.

Join me next week when I tackle the always drunk-worthy Name Game. I’ll drink for every time I hear any version of “Dean” or “Sam”. Seems like there might be some great moments of Dean calling out for Sam, so join me for the drinky fun!