Episode 7.22

“There Will Be Blood” Review
By Bekah James

Supernatural 7.22: There Will Be Blood
Written by: Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin
Directed by: Guy Bee

The penultimate episode in this Season took off like a daredevil out of a cannon. In deference to said daredevil (and cannon), I’m jumping right in without my usual opening salvo. Fire in the hole!

Dick, being true to his name, forced the Prophet, Kevin Tran (who is not nearly as fun as Rob Benedict’s Chuck Shurley, by the by), to transcribe The Word of God thanks to a neatly captured and lightly tortured Mrs. Tran. Of course, Kevin gave Dick the same jumble of metaphors and half-formed directions that God seems so fond of delivering. You know, I think of that slab as the word jumbles that appear in the Comics section of the newspaper. If you care to try and have a bit of brain power behind you, you can probably sort it out in a few minutes. I suppose Dick Roman is a smartypants, what with being the head Leviathan in charge. I do not doubt that he knows what it all means.

Speaking of Dick, his negotiation style was pretty damn good. All smarm (is that a word?) and smiles. In that one scene with Kevin, I actually sort of admired his evilness and his role as Big Bad. But I’m still sick of the Dick/dick jokes. Except for the one I made in the last paragraph. Yeah, yeah, hypocritical… at least I own it.

So, I think that it would be safe to assume that any time the Winchesters meet a kid that needs saving, they should keep their weapons handy. And maybe a pair of handcuffs. I am still a little unclear as to why Emily was locked in the pepto-pink room behind the book case if she was Alpha Vamp’s very loyal daughter. Her innocent and oh-so-vulnerable routine didn’t have me fooled for a second, but as we all know, the boys have a seriously weak spot for kids in distress.

Naturally, when she calls her daddy, it was The Alpha Vampire, once again played by the impressive Rick Worthy. The interaction between TAV and the boys was wrought with tension and surprises. I gasped out loud when Stoic Vampire #1 slammed his head into the table. Sometimes, I forget that Dean is at a disadvantage with these supernatural beings. He just doesn’t bleed like he used to, and it was nice to see it again. (That might be the weirdest sentence I’ve every typed.) It was quite interesting to learn that the Leviathan corn syrup poison is deadly to vampires, who, to everyone’s prior knowledge, can only be killed by having their heads lobbed off. So, the real question here is if Dick knew that would happen, or if it was just a groovy happenstance. I gathered, from what Edgar said to TAV, that Dick had an idea (maybe a hope?) that there would be detrimental side effects to the children of Eve. But then again, that could have been Edgar’s smack talk showing again. He is big on the smack talk, isn’t he?

Edgar had to be surprised when TAV was able to fight back. Leviathans do seem to act as if they cannot be challenged by any living thing (is Borax living?), so I cheered out loud when TAV pushed him away. Edgar’s look was priceless. Of course, Edgar managed to make TAV tebow for a moment, which was wicked impressive. Even backstabbing little Emily found that gasp-worthy. Daddy isn’t so big and bad now, is he sweetheart?

I’m glad that Sam and Dean negotiated the release of the little boy (Allen?) before they took TAV’s offered blood. But, LOL, talk about pressing your luck! I’m not sure why TAV agreed so readily—unless snatching another one would be easy as pie, which yeah okay, it probably is. The decontamination process would be a bitch though.

Let’s talk about Bobby for a second. You know I don’t like him as the boys’ plus one, but it was pretty convenient for him to be able to walk through walls to investigate before they walked into a trap or something. Beyond that useful tool though, Bobby seems to be more trouble than he’s worth. He managed to destroy the motel room and possess the maid. Oh my god. He possessed the maid! Okay, he is officially off his rocker and needs to be ganked and/or a reaper summoned to shepherd him into Heaven or wherever. I know I should be Team Bobby, like Sam is, but I just don’t think this will end well if he continues on this path of retribution and revenge.

Now, please allow me a moment to gush about Crowley. I love this character almost as much as I love Castiel. I hope he never, ever gets well and truly dead. I feel for him. He is always getting summoned and subsequently wrangled in a Devil’s Trap. What if he was up to some important business in Hell? Or in the middle of a compelling episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? (I imagine that’s on a loop in Hell.) He takes it all in stride and is shrewd in his negotiations. I just love him. I can’t imagine anyone other than Mark Sheppard bringing him to life.

Jared and Jensen were great this week. Their chemistry has never been better. While we all love it when the boys cry, it is a nice change up to have them on the same side, not keeping secrets, bonding over porn, and trading jokes like they’re Pokemon cards.

So, about the writing. Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin are in my Top 5 Favorite Writers, as I’ve said before. They did not disappoint me with this script. For “vamptonite” alone, I tip my hat. This word will be forever in canon; what more could a writer ask for? The zingy little one-liners and pop culture references were fast paced and perfect. Pac Man and True Blood? Keep calm and carry on? Who talks like that?! No, I’m serious… who talks like that? I really, really want to hang out with them. It would be a hoot and a holler, as my grandma used to say.

Perhaps my favorite moment in the whole episode was this exchange:
The Alpha Vampire: See you next season.
Dean: Looking forward to it.

Um, YAY! I knew there was going to be a Season 8, but hearing the characters reiterate it was an absolute BRILLIANT moment. Thanks, Dabb and Loflin, for the nod to us fans. I’ve never seen a show respect and adore their fandom quite like Supernatural. I am reminded, week after week, why I fell in love with these characters and this show. How about you?

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