Episode 7.6

“Slash Fiction” Review
By Bekah James

Supernatural 7.06: Slash Fiction
Written by Robbie Thompson
Directed by John F. Showalter
Music: “All Out of Love” by Air Supply

I’ll admit to being a wee bit nervous when the title of this episode was released. We’ve had so many meta episodes over the years, that I was afraid this one had the potential to veer us terribly off course. Don’t get me wrong—slash fiction is awesome stuff, but we all know it falls in the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell category of taking our fandom to the masses. Because I am avoiding spoilers this Season, I had my breath held right up until it was clear that this week’s episode was more a nod to Pulp Fiction and slasher films than fanfiction.

You want to know what had me the most nervous? The new writer on the block. Robbie Thompson, who has written for “Jericho” and “Human Target” is new to our little world. As such, I didn’t know what to expect from him. Would he be gory like Sera? Flat out insane like Ben? No one seemed to know. As it turns out, with this one episode, he has landed himself in the Brilliant column. It was a bit shaky in the beginning, when the one liners and yuks were flying faster than I could track them all, but after a few minutes, Mr. Thompson really hit his stride and took off! The scene introducing us to Frank Devereaux (the new Ash?) was quick and funny without taking it too far over the top. The diner scene wherein Leviathan!Dean and Leviathan!Sam bash the real Winchesters was far more epic than just about anything I’ve ever seen. The meeting between Dick Roman and Crowley was remarkably staid, but equally chilling. And the big one for me… Dean trying hard to hide his rocking out to Air Supply. It was all the work of a pure genius. I am starting a letter writing campaign today to get Robbie Thompson on the permanent payroll. We need this guy to keep churning out the gold like this script.

Speaking of genius, how good was Jensen this week? I almost felt bad for Jared; He wasn’t given much to do this time around. He many camped for the camera as appropriate and then pulled some angsty faces near the end, but the real weight of the episode was shouldered by Jensen. (Do I need to take a time out here to remind you guys that I adore Jared and Sam?) Even Jensen’s Leviathan!Dean was superior. Jensen sells his characters with every movement, every breath. I never doubt him, not even for a moment. I firmly believe that Jensen is one of the most undervalued actors in television today. If word got out how very good he is… well. I think I’d start fearing for the fate of Season 8! For now, let’s keep him our beautiful little secret.

I really love the Leviathans on a whole. I’ll admit I had a hard time forgiving them for what they did to Castiel, but I’m finding it harder and harder to resist them. They are smart, mouthy, and are apparently not interested in creating a power couple with Hell. How very interesting. I am not exactly sure why they are dedicating so much time to killing Sam and Dean since the Leviathans seem damn near indestructible (and because they can hide in plain sight), but I’m game to just hold on and enjoy the ride. I was looking forward to meeting the Big Leviathan Boss, and I think I’m disappointed in Dick Roman… I wanted something a little more bad ass and a little less board room. Maybe he’ll grow on me, but for now he reminds me of Brady the Horsemen’s executive assistant in Season 5’s “The Devil You Know”. I do give Dick kudos for scaring Crowley away – say what??—but I wouldn’t count Crowley out just yet. If I had money to bet, I’d say that Crowley will now approach the boys and try to form some sort of unholy alliance with them since Dick shot him down. Now… what could make the boys decide that working with Crowley (again) is a good idea? Hmmm…

So, with Sheriff Mills cropping back up again, do you think that we not only have a new Ash (Frank Devereaux), but now we have a new Ellen as well? Now that Bobby has laid the liplock on her, I’d say we’ll be seeing her a few more times this Season. Not that I begrudge Bobby the ass, but really? I’ve never seen anything between them until this episode. She shows up at the door all smiles and beer, ready to clean the cabin? Hmph. I think it is a bit of a stretch in the Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST) department, but like most things, I’ll give it a while to grow on me. And hey, thanks to Sheriff Sexypants, now the boys know how to at least slow Leviathan down. Is anyone else going “WTF? Borax can take down Leviathan? Seriously… WTF?” or is it just me?

Oh hey—I hope I’m not alone in my curiosity about who scored the top spot on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. I was hoping they’d let us know, and failing that, I was hoping that SuperWiki would have an idea. It was a bust on both accounts. Maybe that’ll be on the DVD.

Thanks to being spoiler-free, I got to squee out loud when I saw Michael Hogan pop out as Sheriff Osborne. It was so good to see another “Battlestar Galactica” alum, especially such a big one! I have missed his brand of gruff authority, and was pleased to see it put to such good use here. I was bummed that he died there at the end, since I was maybe hoping for an Agent Henrikson-esque revival in the future. But hey, maybe Leviathan will use his skin and we can have a slightly different revival.

John F. Showalter directed this episode, and gave some lovely details to the story. Dean lip syncing to Air Supply and trying to hide it from Sam was masterful. That scene could have been completely unmemorable, but no, I’m fairly certain fans will reference that one for months to come. (Oooh, and now I can legitimately add that song to my iPod and blame it on Supernatural! Sweet!) The little pony swinging from the rearview mirror (and then nestled beside the Leviathan heads at the end) made me laugh—and also reminded me of Misha’s Minions, so that was nice. He also gave us the homage to Pulp Fiction in the diner massacre. All in all, a fantastic display of talent here. Well done, Mr. S.

I wasn’t crazy about Sam storming off at the end of the episode. It could not have been more predictable if they’d tried. Of course Sam is going to walk away from Dean. And of course he will find his way back. How many times will we be subjected to this? On Friday, I didn’t even blink an eye at it. The first time it happened, I was a ball of nerves and anxiety, but now? Boooorrrring.

I’ve saved my one big critique for the end. The way Bobby and the boys have decided to dispose of the Leviathan heads is just stupid! Bobby told Sheriff Mills to drop it off a bridge, and Dean and Sam are parked on a bridge as they discuss getting rid of their set of heads. Why in the world would they drop a freakin’ Leviathan into any sort of body of water?? Did they so soon forget that the Leviathan sprang up from water? If they dump them as planned, they are doing nothing but releasing them back into the wild. Sheesh. Maybe we are not supposed to remember that salient fact, but come on. Supernatural fans are sharper than that. Give us a little credit, yeah?

Heck, maybe next week’s episode will start with one of them going: “Wait! Water plus Leviathan equals bad! Abort the plan to dump their power center back into their source of power! Zoinks! That was close!”

Yeah, maybe.

Bekah’s Been Drinking:

I drank during every scene in which a doppelganger made an appearance. Some of them were tricky and I had to do some retro-drinking when I realized I’d missed them (like Valente!). In total, I had fourteen healthy swigs. It was a good night. ?

I’m not really sure what next week’s episode is supposed to be. I think it is a MOTW, so what is my drinking trigger? Anyone have any suggestions? Shoot me a line at @rebekahjames or leave me a comment below.