Episode 7.8

“Season 7, Time for a Wedding!” Review
By Bekah James

Supernatural 7.08: Season 7, Time For A Wedding!
Written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin
Directed by Tim Andrew
Music: “Cherish” by The Association

Man, oh man, I needed this episode. Every Season there is an episode that simply slays me. It may be too early in Season 7 to call it, but I think this may The One. New Title Card +Becky + Garth + Crowley = WIN. There was so much to love in this episode; I’m not sure where to start. I hate to hit you with a massive list of Things Bekah Laughed At This Week, but I am sorely tempted.

I believe this episode may divide the fandom. There will be those of us that recognized the gentle ribbing of our great love of all things Supernatural… and there will be those of us that thought the gentle ribbing was not so gentle and a touch too pointed. Becky is definitely the Obsessive Any Fan, what with her Sam + Becky doodle journal, her message board friendships and the willingness to do anything to get close to the man she thinks she knows and would love her, if only he gives her a chance. I’m not ready to buy property in either camp. I enjoyed it, but there were bits that made me squirm throughout. Sam loving the journal was one of those things that made me squirm. When I was an early teen, I had one of those books with Bekah + Joey scribbled over dozens of pages (that’d be Joey McIntyre from New Kids On The Block… don’t judge me). I secretly hoped that if Joey ever saw my doodles, he would be flattered not creeped out. My inner/former overly obsessed fangirl self truly felt for Becky’s struggle to express her (perhaps irrational) love and found myself empathizing with her desire to be loved in return. For the record, I didn’t empathize with the way she went about doing it. Witchcraft is never the answer. A true fan would know that, duh.

New director Tim Andrew did a lot to enhance the masterfully crafted script by my favorites, Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Mr. Andrew knows these characters like he knows his favorite pair of jeans. He managed to pull fabulous performances out of all of the actors without taking anything Too Far. The shot of Dean creeping down the hallway of the wedding chapel created a nice pre-gag atmosphere, complete with tight shot of the dingy, paint-chipped door. Of course, that was all shot to hell when Sam opened the door decked out in his fed suit and a pink carnation boutonniere. The groovy rendition of The Wedding March bridged the gap wonderfully from WTF into Oh This Is Going To Be Good. Now, if it’d been up to me, I would have left Becky out of the THEN recap because that told us without a doubt who Sam’s bride would be. My favorite shot of the whole episode came with the death of baseball player. It was gruesome, yes, but the blood splattering directly onto the camera lens—and thereby directly onto my TV screen—was awesome!! It is perhaps one of my favorite special effects ever of ever. So simple, and yet so effective. Man, I cannot wait to see Mr. Andrew’s next episode. I hope they give him something with a little more edge to it; I’d like to see something that would test his mettle.

While we’re talking about the behind-the-scenes type stuff, I’d like to point out that the set design team did a fantastic job this week. Becky’s apartment was exactly as it should be; lots of cheery, bold colors and patterns that echo Becky’s vibrant personality (and, apparently, sexuality). It looked like Ikea exploded all over the place, which again, really suits Becky’s personality. As any convention-going fan knows, it is more important to save for the next convention than to outfit your house with hoity-toity fineries! 😉

Speaking of conventions, I predict that Leslie Odom, Jr., who played Guy this week, is going to be a huge hit with fans. He knocked it out of the park as the latest Crossroads Demon to don a slick suit and decimate a town. The revelation that Guy was the bad guy was almost as obvious as Becky being the blushing bride. His reaction to meeting Sam was subtle enough to be played off, but to those of us who have a strict suspicion policy for any and all new characters, it was clear that his reaction was due to Sam’s reputation and/or previous interactions. That plus Mark Sheppard’s name in the credits was enough to make me go “Demon! Foul beast o’ Hell!” I liked Guy though. He was as smooth as Brady and as charming as Crowley… not a bad combination. I figured out that the silent but deadly Darth Vadery guy was in cahoots with Guy (cahoots? Did I just use cahoots in a sentence? Wow.). So all in all, there were next to no surprises in this episode for me. I generally like to not figure out the plot in advance, but this one was enjoyable enough, even if you did know how it was going to work itself out. Well, okay, I didn’t know exactly how it was going to work out—I didn’t predict how Crowley would be involved, or that he’d have a problem with Guy doing a little underhanded dealing in the name of Hell—but really, who could’ve guessed that?

You guys know I am a squeeing Mark Sheppard fan, so it will come as no surprise to you that I heartily approved of his work in this episode. He never seems to forget how to play Crowley, even if it’s been weeks since we’ve last seen him. He delivered his lines with the ease of a true master. His timing was as impeccable as always. How he manages to spit out the glib lines the writers give him with such speed and flippancy is beyond me. Sometimes I have to rewind to catch everything he says. I love that about Crowley and/or Mark Sheppard. I would like to see a little more cooperation between the Winchesters and Crowley this Season, but maybe that will come after the winter hiatus (sob). The boys are still grasping at straws on how to get rid of the Leviathan, so maybe Crowley can come up with a little something to point them down the right path.

Emily Perkins was fantastic in her revival of Becky Rosen. She was a perfect blend of crazy and sincere. She made me believe that Becky was just out there enough to strip Sam down and then offer to hold a bottle for him to pee in. Emily also made me believe that Becky would have totally kept that bottle of urine for all times on a special shelf in her room. That’s the level of crazy Emily Perkins brought to Becky Rosen-Winchester. Magnificent. I loved her earnestness in the investigation. The “Sam and Becky’s Investigation” wall made me LOL. I loved the little mats and frames she used to really make the evidence pop against her dining room wall. Really, detectives around the world should adopt her “Victim 1”/ “Victim 2” tags; they were simply darling. I had to sigh and shake my head at her when she managed to spill the love potion in her purse. Only Becky! When she confessed that she was a “loser” to Sam, it just made my heart break for her. Who among us have not felt that very thing from time to time? I confess that I was almost ready to cheer her along into making that deal with Guy, just so she could have someone to love her. Good job, Emily. It takes a lot for me to root against the Winchesters!

Okay, DJ Qualls should immediately be added to the recurring guest star list. I loved every moment with him as Garth. His straight forward, no nonsense approach in the interview with the bank CEO reminded me vividly of Castiel’s attempt at questioning in “Free To Be Me and You” in Season 5. It made my heart twinge a little, but I also took it as the writers paying homage to a beloved and missed character, so that cheered me a little. It is going to take me several days to get over Garth’s “you’ll be living with a triracial paraplegic sniper ‘til this blows over” line. Loved it! Dean’s assessment of Garth, that he “doesn’t suck”, makes me very hopeful that we will be seeing more of DJ Qualls in episodes to come. Consider me fan of that prospect!

Jensen was lovely this week. He finally got a chance to pull as many incredulous and baffled faces as he’s got in his stash. His WTF face in the chapel was priceless. I always enjoy seeing Dean play the not-so-straight man in these funny little episodes. His face often says more than any line ever could. He had a great and easy chemistry with DJ Qualls, and he seemed to really enjoy performing in this episode. It’s not often that you can see an actor’s joy while they are working (especially not on a horror show!), but I sure saw it this week. It was a good look on him, and I hope to see it again soon.

For the second week in a row, Jared has stolen the show! He is wonderfully comedic, as he demonstrated in “Bad Day At Black Rock” and “The French Mistake”. The scene with the gag was my favorite this week. Say what you will, but pulling off dialogue with a rag stuffed in your mouth is hard enough—but to do it with perfect timing and over the top disbelief, man, that takes skill. I fell in love a little with Sam when he comforted Becky while he was tied Misery-style to the bed, and again as they sign their annulment agreement. It was nice to see the caring Sam back in full effect.

The end of episode Brotherly Moment at the Fakepala was epic. It was full of the emotional stuff we’ve come to expect, but it was also heavily loaded with humor and good times. In my opinion, it’s one of the best care and share moments we’ve seen in at least two Seasons. Yeah, yeah, there have been more emotional ones; I’ll give you that, but that moment felt both realistic and comfortable than the last thirty or so we’ve seen.

Yet again, Season 7 delivers a quality episode that will stand the test of time. I will watch this one repeatedly in the years to come. Heck, I might even have to consider it for inclusion in my Top Twenty Favorite Eps of All Time list. Let me watch it a couple of more times and then I’ll decide for sure. Well done, Supernatural cast and crew. Keep up the good work.

Bekah Can’t Drink Right Now

This past Monday, I had Achilles tendon reconstruction. I’ve been flying on the good ship high off my ass all week. The doctors seemed to think it would be a bad idea to mix morphine with rum, even after I suggested adding a jaunty green umbrella to the party. So, in order to appease the professionals (who swore they would stalk this review to make sure I hadn’t cheated… bastards…) I didn’t even count the drinking game items (Sam’s earnest face and Dean’s incredulous ones). I think there were tons of both. Man. I’ll have to rewatch this one once I’m not high as a balloon floating toward the stratosphere.

Here’s my idea: YOU guys drink for me! Tweet me and tell me what you drink to next week, and how it all turned out for you. I’ll rejoin the party in a couple of weeks.

Don’t forget to pour some out for me, homies!