Episode 7.9

“How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters” Review
By Bekah James

Supernatural 7.09: How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters
Written by Ben Edlund
Directed by Guy Bee

There is no way around this one. We have to talk about it straight away. BOBBY HAS BEEN SHOT. Oh my ever-lovin’ gawd! I am nearly apoplectic with worry. Could Sera be so cruel as to take our Bobby away? Well, other beloved characters have fallen over the years, so the answer very well may be yes. I refuse to look at spoilers because the agony of not knowing—while agony—is certainly better than hearing a yes. But that agony… I have to endure it until December 2nd! Zoinks, that seems like a long time.

I know the show is about the brothers, but man, I really, really don’t want Sam and Dean to suffer such a crushing blow. When I think back to all they’ve lost over the years, it seems as though the loss of Bobby may be the worst yet. Would it be silly to add a fictional character to my prayer list?

The foreshadowing was as thick as the impending doom. Bobby is a many of many quips and many more tell-offs, but he’s not really down with the deep heart-to-hearts. And in this episode, he had not one but TWO with the boys. As soon as he told Dean that if he died before him he’d kill him, I caught a glimpse of the road we’re heading down. The trek down memory lane about Bobby teaching the boys to hunt when they were kids did nothing to reassure me that I was wrong. Come to think of it, I’m retroactively calling the torching of Bobby’s house foreshadowing as well. Oh jeez… that’s not good, is it?

Jim Beaver displayed his formidable and often understated acting chops this week. He single-handedly freaked me out with his aura of There’s Something Up You Guys (fans). Watching it back the second time, I wanted to crawl into the TV and snuggle the hell out of him.

Jared and Jensen were fantastic, as is to be expected at this point. I feel like a broken record sometimes when it comes to this, but I really do think that those boys are the two most underestimated actors in the business today. Do you ever wonder why it is that they are not more heavily lauded or in demand? I certainly do. Mark Sheppard said, at Dragon*Con earlier this year, that occasionally genre fans like to keep their favorite shows secret from the masses, which shoots the show and the actors in the foot in some ways. He was specifically referring to Firefly (RIP), but I think maybe it applies to us as well. Do we, as a people, selfishly hoard Jensen and Jared? If it’s that, part of me thinks we should share them with the world, but part of me wants to guard them closer and just go nonnie-nonnie-boo-boo you can’t have them to the world at large. Oh, in case you haven’t heard, the show is up for two People Choice Awards: Best Drama TV Show and Best Sci-Fi Show. Go forth and VOTE HERE. Hm. I guess I want to share their brilliance with the world. A win at The People’s Choice Awards would certainly make non-watchers sit up and take note!

It may be the heavy medication I’m on, but this week’s episode didn’t make me clap out loud. I can’t find any real fault with it on a whole, but I just didn’t love it. I’m surprised because I do so enjoy the Ben Edlund scripts. Here are the things I enjoyed from the script: The gooey sandwiches; High-on-turducken!Dean; Glampers; Dick the political dick; the leftover aluminum foil swan; and Doctor MonsterFace eating himself (good times). The real business of the episode didn’t come until the very end at the Leviathan camp, but hey, you know me… I’m a sucker for a good mythology/big picture episode. So, did I like it? Yes, absolutely! Did I love it? Nah.

Next week’s episode is written by Sera Gamble and directed by Robert Singer. Whoa. Bringing out the big guns to tackle The Bobby Issue… or are they just big gunning it because it’s the mid-season hiatus? Yikes-a-doodle. I can’t handle this! I’m off to re-medicate.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American readers!