Episode 11.1

“Out of the Darkness, Into The Fire” Review

By Annie Kenney

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And here we are again! Is it really nearly five months since Dean got rid of the mark, killed death and, together with Sam, released darkness upon the world?

So onto the season opener and it was an episode not just of two halves but four! There’s Dean and his meeting with a very mysterious lady, Sam and his really scary run-in with rabids, there’s Castiel with his odd red eyes and there’s Crowley who was briefly a woman. As usual there are too many things going on at once and it is a shame because, on the whole, the episode was good and a fair start to what looks like an exciting season.

What did I like? Well the brothers are together and I love that. They are actually talking and seem to be on the same page and both of them are actually taking the blame rather than just one of them. I also liked the weird start with Dean lost in the darkness (literally) and the ghostly woman who lurked around there thanking him. The lady cop was a great addition and I do hope we see more of her. The baby is cute and the rabid, zombies, living dead type creatures are quite unnerving.

Unfortunately there are still the angels (forgive me while I yawn) who are slowing the pace of the series to a stand-still. I had said, on many occasions, that I loved Castiel when he was first introduced but I get the feeling that the writers have run out of things for him to do. I can’t help it but I think this latest version of his character is just plain funny. I’m not scared by him or for him and I am beginning not to care what happens to him. As for the other angels please, please get rid of them or at least set them off on a quest to find God or something equally as time consuming so we don’t have to see them again.

That off my chest, I was glad to see the return of the King of Hell and his stint as a woman was amusing (the actress was awesome and had watched Mark quite closely I think). The demons are more closely related to the darkness than the angels so it makes sense that Crowley stays around. I also liked (and was very worried by) the rumors and whisperings from the cage! Does this mean we are going to see Lucifer again? Maybe even Adam (Michael)…I hope so. I often enjoy it when the show revisits old and popular characters and, I have to admit, Lucifer is definitely one of mine!

However, by far my favorite moment of the episode, was Sam’s run in with the rabids and his consequent infection. The moment that the woman leapt at him in the closet made me jump out of my skin and when her blood spurted into his mouth I thought ‘Oh no’. It was no surprise to see Sam infected and a shock to no one when he didn’t tell Dean. Poor Sam…it seems there is only a short shelf life for those who are infected…but obviously there is going to be a twist because Sam can’t die…can he?

So all in all I would give this episode a seven out of ten; remove the angels and poor Castiel and it would be a definite eight to nine. These angels are slowing the entire story down to a crawl and sometimes their sudden appearance can be very jarring and put the audience off. I want to go back to the good old days when Sam and Dean were in the Impala and hunting together. I get that they need a support network but I liked Bobby, Charlie and the Harvelles but I am getting mighty fed up with those angel types.

Will I continue to watch? That’s a no brainer. I love infected Sam, always enjoy it when Dean gets all protective and worried (which he is going to be when he finds out Sam is sick), I like the darkness and her strange connection to Dean and the mark and I desperately want to find out who that baby really is!

I’ve seen next week’s trailer and it is beyond breath-taking. Episode two can’t come quick enough and, hopefully, I’ll be feeling a bit more angel friendly by then!