Episode 11.10

“The Devil in the Details” Review

By Annie Kenney

Well the Winchesters are back! And what can I say about the mid-season premier? As usual – for one of these mytharc episodes – it was a bit all over the place with about a million different storylines going on but, and this is a big but, it was very exciting in places and very boring in others!


What did I like? Sam, poor Sam in the cage, Sam made to relive some of his memories with the devil trying to make him feel incredibly guilty. My heart went out to Sam and the pain on his face was really difficult to take. Jared just gets better and better and his acting is so subtle, he is able to show just how he is feeling with a blink of his eye or the curve of his mouth. I also loved the fact that we got to see Colin Ford again. What a fantastic young Sam Colin makes and he looks so much like Jared in the Pilot that it is really, really spooky. I also liked the fact that Sam was actually quite a hit with the ladies…something we don’t see very often in the show.

To my surprise I actually liked Rowena’s dream sequence and it kind of made sense that, as a witch, she would worship the devil and do his bidding. I also liked the fact that Lucifer came to her in a dream as it reminded me of good old Azazel (the yellow eyed demon) who was always popping up in people’s dreams.


I absolutely adore Mark Pellegrino. He is just so wicked, so compelling and so sexy! He makes you believe in Lucifer and he certainly has the ‘gift of the gab.’ He could charm the birds out of the trees but then he would probably kill them! He is the perfect devil.


So what didn’t I like? The fact that Dean seemed pretty side lined in this episode; ‘smiting sickness,’ really? Perhaps it is just me but I thought this was a bit silly. I wanted Dean to be the one to confront Amara but instead it was Castiel and, yet another, boring angel. I am so over the angels right about now and I’m hoping that we don’t see so much of them in future.

It might be me but I’m totally confused by Amara…why does she need all this grace and people’s souls to keep going? Just what is she? What is her master plan (if she has one)? She was clearly wounded by the angel nuke but I’m not sure how that is going to affect her. Also she isn’t particularly threatening or frightening. I wonder at the decision to make her human – perhaps if they had kept the darkness as entity things would have been different.


And now onto the end…where do I begin? There was so much going on there and I found myself asking a few questions like ‘if the devil is so damn powerful why did he resort to throwing punches? What the hell was happening? Was it Supernatural’s version of cage fighting? Seriously though I think the stand-off could have been far more affective if Lucifer had threatened Sam in some other way rather than it all descending into a bit of a fist fight! It sort of made the whole thing less tense and distracted from the fact that Lucifer was trying to get Sam to say ‘yes’ because, as we know, Sam is the perfect vessel for Lucifer and no one else will do…


Now call me picky but how the hell could Lucifer possess Castiel? Castiel is already an angel walking around in his (now dead) vessel so how can that happen? The show told us on several occasions that Sam was Lucifer’s only vessel, that any other vessel was just a temporary thing. The next thing is that – as far as I remember – Lucifer’s vessel had to swig down pints of demon blood to keep him contained. Is Castiel going to start doing that? And just where is Castiel? Has he moved on or is he just trapped in a corner of his own mind?


This is not to take away from Misha Collin’s performance; at first it looked a little hammy but after a while I have to confess he did a great job of mimicking Mark’s gestures and speech patterns. I was actually won over and relieved that they have found something interesting for Castiel to do. Not only that but he killed Rowena!! Forgive me for taking a moment to cheer loudly – I never, ever liked that character and now she’s dead…but is she? I’m actually convinced she will be back and I’m really not sure how I feel about that. Hopefully what’s dead will stay dead…sorry Rowena!

What next then? There are so many different strands to tie together that I have no idea what is going to happen next. The darkness still walks the earth and now so does Lucifer. Who is around to save us? According to Rowena she is the only one who can close his cage so the world is probably doomed!

I liked this episode; it certainly surprised me on several occasions and there were enough twists and turns to make me want to keep watching. On the whole 7/10 with that extra point for Rowena staying dead!