Episode 11.11

“Into the Mystic” Review

By Annie Kenney

Supernatural -- "Into The Mystic" -- Image SN1111B_0206.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean, Dee Wallace as Mildred Harper and Jared Padalecki as Sam -- Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love the legend of the Banshee. I think it is one of the most terrifying and ancient of tales and I am so glad that Supernatural finally tackled it and, better still, made an excellent job of it too.

Secondly, kudos to the special effects department who really went above and beyond this week and created a truly terrifying creature. In fact I’m sitting here on my own writing this after watching the show and I will be glad when someone comes home and keeps me company. The banshee was excellent and one of the best monsters to come out of Supernatural for a long time. I hope that the writers decide to tackle a few more ancient legends (oh how I would love to see them do the Irish Washer of souls one day – but that is another story).

So, you might gather, by my enthusiasm that I enjoyed this week’s episode and you would be right. It was almost perfect…I say almost and although what I am going to write isn’t going to be popular with everyone I have to get it out right now. We didn’t really need the Lucifer/Castiel bits in it, did we? I found that it really distracted from, what was, an excellently crafted story with good solid supporting characters (more of that later).

In fact tonight’s episode gave us a taste of what Supernatural might be like without the heavy demon / angel / darkness / Crowley / Castiel saga. It would be a cracking show about fighting monsters. If only the writers and producers would go back to how it was in the beginning…but then that is only my opinion and I know that there are hundreds of fans that enjoy the myth arc stories, so I guess you can’t please all the people all of the time.


So what did I like about this episode? I can begin by being shallow and saying Sam in his sleep shirt being all muscular and ruffled and serious.   Then I can redeem myself by explaining that I really liked the brother’s interaction in this one. I feel that Sam and Dean are becoming closer and closer and, at first, I thought they were being honest with one another but, as the episode drew to a close, Dean was still keeping his attraction/bond to Amara a secret from Sam – which is a shame because I want the brothers to stay together, to stay close and to always have each other’s backs.



The other fantastic part of this episode was the supporting characters. Mildred was wonderful (and it took me while but then I recognised the actress as the mom in ET!) She was a really well written and I loved her interactions with Dean. Eileen was another fantastic creation and please, please, please can we see her again. A deaf hunter, a woman of letters, a legacy, she was completely and utterly awesome and did I detect an attraction between her and Sam? I hope so because they would make a really good pair and there was definite chemistry between them. One of the funniest moments of the season so far was the girls discussing the Winchester’s hotness using sign language and Mildred’s final comment about them being ‘hotter when they were leaving’ made me laugh out loud. It has to be said that both Winchester’s do have very fine rears!!


I suppose I should mention the Castiel/Lucifer bits (what do we call this new creation? Casifer, Luciel?) A special mention has to go to Misha Collins for his mimicking of Mark Pellegrino’s character. He has his expressions and mannerisms off to a fine art but his portrayal isn’t subtle at all. A lot of people are comparing his performance to Jared’s in ‘The End’ and ‘Swan Song’ but I don’t think that is fair on either actor. Jared was portraying Lucifer when he was first free and when his character was a tad darker, more threatening. Misha is portraying the mischievous Lucifer who gets his amusement from exploding angels! All I can say is that both actors must have studied Mark pretty closely.

I wasn’t too sure about the scenes between Dean and Castiel/Lucifer in the bunker. I am certain that Dean would have recognized that this wasn’t really his friend. He might have told Sam that Castiel was ‘a bit off’ but I’m not convinced that Dean – in his right mind – wouldn’t know that Castiel wasn’t Castiel and I felt that this scene stretched my imagination and patience a little too far.

The end of the episode was great; I liked the twist of the banshee going after Dean and Sam’s concern for his brother. It is always nice to see Sam’s dewy eyes and I just wanted to hug them both! It was bittersweet to see that Eileen didn’t get any satisfaction out of her revenge and that she was going to stay in the hunting life. And what a lovely brother moment with Sam telling Dean how sorry he was that he didn’t hunt for his brother when he was in Purgatory and Dean telling Sam that he had forgiven him ages ago. I had tears in my eyes.

It was so sad to see Dean unable to sleep because now he was burdened with guilt while Sam settled for a good night’s rest because Dean had assuaged his.

All in all then I would give this episode 9/10 – with one mark removed for the unnecessary Castiel/Lucifer stuff!

Let’s see if next week’s is as enjoyable…