Episode 11.12

“Don’t You Forget About Me” Review

By Annie Kenney

So after last week’s episode I was really excited. Last week’s episode was brilliant. I loved the brotherly moments, I was scared witless by the monster, I thought the supporting characters were awesome and the story moved along at a cracking pace. So this week was going to carry that excitement on wasn’t it? Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and I’m sitting here thinking the unthinkable – why the heck did I bother to even watch that episode?

So where do I start? Claire – what can I say about Claire? I just don’t like her, I find her character pointless and I don’t really see what she brings to the program. So she is Castiel’s vessel’s daughter…but that alone doesn’t make her interesting. We have seen the boys interact with teen hunters before (Season 8’s Freaks & Geeks) so this wasn’t really anything new. Jody often calls the Winchesters when she thinks there is a case and I usually look forward to seeing her. Jody is a great character – usually – but even she couldn’t save this episode.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.45.36 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 8.45.07 PM

The good things about this episode (and I’m finding it hard to think of anything positive): the Elvis burger, Sam’s tale about a weasel riding a flying woodpecker (and that actually happened folks – check it out on Google) and the boys enjoying some time together! Sam and Dean’s pure animal enjoyment of a good, home cooked meal (loved the piggy way they ate) and Sam’s facial expressions during the sex talk at the table! These things just about saved this episode from being completely awful but only just…

The bad things about this episode…well just about everything else. The slow, slow, slow pace. The soap opera exchanges between Claire and Alex, The terrible acting from Alex’s popular boyfriend, the fact that the ‘monsters’ (and I use the term loosely) were vampires. I’m sorry but vampires are just not scary! They don’t work particularly well in modern settings (I much prefer a Victorian bodice ripper like Dracula) and they are pretty easy to kill. The fact that one of the vampires wore a janitor’s uniform for the entire episode didn’t help!

I also thought the writing was lazy. So the monsters were just after Alex and after revenge. Couldn’t they think of anything better than that? What was the point of this episode? To see Claire and Alex again? I had almost forgotten about both characters to be honest and I really didn’t need reminding. It just seemed like an excuse for Sam to talk about how it’s better to have a normal life (again) and for Dean to share a few choice words with Claire. Jody was virtually side-lined and even Sam and Dean seemed like supporting characters in the Alex and Claire show…

I feel pretty bad for writing such a miserable, negative review and I know not everyone will share my point of view. For me this was one of the weaker episodes in – what has been – an excellent season so far. I was bored, I lost interest and my mind wandered. Not even the beauty of Sam and Dean could save it for me and if I ever decide to re-watch I’ll just be rewinding the Elvis burger/dinner table scene over and over and pretend the rest didn’t happen!

Will we see Claire again? I sincerely hope not! Alex? Don’t care, Jody? I really hope so and I hope we get to see her kicking ass this time! I want her paired up with Donna, because it is always more fun.

So a despondent 4/10 for this week and finger’s tightly crossed that next week’s will be 100% better!