Episode 11.19

The Chitters Review

By Annie Kenney

This episode was awesome. It could have been a horror film and was really well plotted. It had genuinely scary monsters, some really touching moments and one brother getting revenge for the death of another (mmm sound familiar?) After ‘Hells Angel’ I was beginning to lose my faith in the program but tonight’s episode bought me back round again and had me asking (not for the first time) why can’t every episode be like this one?

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.16.00 PM

This episode was directed by Blair Witch writer and director Eduardo Sánchez and it showed. There was a really creepy feel to the whole thing and it made me feel both scared and uneasy. The monsters were actually very frightening and, like all good horror films, you didn’t get a very good look at them for quite a while. The plot was excellent too and it introduced us to some very good characters, characters who were three dimensional and actually interesting. It was a great shame that we couldn’t have seen more of them as I found them a lot more entertaining than some of the old favorites like Rowena and Castiel.

I loved the fact that the episode was driven by the love of a younger brother for his older sibling. It was subtle, but I’m convinced that we, as viewers, were meant to see some similarities between Jessy and Matty and Sam and Dean. It was a very good twist to find out that the man hunting these monsters was the little boy who had lost his brother. We have seen the Winchesters driven by revenge quite a few times in seasons past so we knew that Sam and Dean were going to be sympathetic to Jessy’s cause. Talking of Sam and Dean – the brothers Winchester were delightful in this episode. Dean was back to his old snarky self and Sam was just – well – Sam. I like to see the brothers bicker and I love it when Dean brings up Sam’s past such as hinting that his brother once took mind altering substances! I always enjoy Sam leaping to his own defense while trying to excuse himself to his big brother.

The scene where the brothers interviewed the wife whose husband had been ‘banging’ two women at the same time was hysterical and it was nice to see the wronged wife flirting with Sam rather than Dean. These scenes are worth their weight in gold and I often like to replay them particularly when other episodes get bogged down with the Amara/Lucifer/God storyline. I didn’t miss any of those characters, but I have a feeling that they will be back soon as we are heading to the finale and I haven’t got a clue what is going to happen next.

The ending of this episode was really bitter sweet; Sam and Dean deciding that they would like to work in partnership with other hunters, preparing to ask Cesar and Jessy if they would like to help them fight against the darkness and then hearing that the two men were going to stop hunting and start living. The expression on both Sam and Dean’s faces made me want to shed a few tears and it was hard to believe that the brothers would ever had such a happy ending. Their obvious joy that the two men had gotten what they wanted and actually survived was great to see. As viewers we can only hope that one day Sam and Dean walk away in one piece but, as Season 12 is in the offing, that might be a few years in the future.

So this entire episode earns a solid 8/10. It is the sort of episode that makes you glad to be both a Supernatural and a horror fan. It is also the sort of episode which attracts the more casual viewer – it was one I could actually watch with my husband without having to constantly explain who was who and what was what! If it isn’t careful Supernatural may suffer the same fate as The X-Files and overcomplicate its plot line to such an extent that every single person who watches is dazed and confused. A program that started with such a simple premise (Two brothers in an Impala searching for dad and hunting monsters along the way) has become quite complex with angels, demons, heaven, hell, cages, Darkness, reapers, Lucifer, witches and all the rest of the gang!

How good would it be if they stripped it right back and started Season 12 with that simple premise – two brothers in an Impala carrying on their family business saving people and hunting things! A girl can dream can’t she?